Glow – Sneakers with LED Lights on the Surface

You might have come across fancy looking shoes with lights on the sides. Though the sidelights look crazy, it’s not as crazy as having an entire surface made of LED lights. The latest innovation from YesWeGlow has brought this super cool looking sneakers called ‘Glow’ which has a full surface LED. On the first look, I thought it was an LED display on the shoes but in fact, it is just the LED lights. You have 6 color patterns to choose from, making the sneakers suitable for a wide range of clothing and styles.

shining sneakers

Constructed using the honeycomb fabric, Glow sneakers are waterproof yet breathable. The company claims a battery life of 14 hours which then, can be recharged using the USB cable. Costing around $100, these cool sneakers are a great way to add some style.

This product has been discontinued but I found a very similar product on Amazon. Check here.

4 / 5 Ratings
Editor's QuoteThe surface LED design makes it look futuristic!