Glow – Cool Sneakers with LED Lights on the Surface


You might have come across the fancy looking LED shoes. But there is a problem with it. In such shoes, the LED lights are almost on the sides of the sneakers. Though it looks crazy, it’s not as crazy as having an entire surface made of LED lights. The latest innovation from YesWeGlow has brought this super cool looking sneakers called ‘Glow’ which has a full surface LED. On the first look, I thought it was an LED display on the shoes but in fact, it is just the LED lights. You have 6 color patterns to choose from, making the sneakers suitable for a wide range of clothing and styles. Constructed using the honeycomb fabric, Glow sneakers are water-proof yet breathable. The company claims a battery life of 14 hours which then, can be recharged using the USB cable. Costing around $100, these cool sneakers are a great way to add some style.

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Editor’s QuoteThe surface LED design makes it look futuristic!

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Glow: The Revolutionary Sneaker With Full Surface LED

Product Description (As per the manufacturer):

GLOW, the Unique LED Sneakers Perfect For Your Everyday launched on Kickstarter this January 2019. An innovation in the field of functional active footwear, GLOW brings to the table unseen versatility, with 6 stunning looks in 1 unique sneaker, with a world-first full surface shooting star LED.

Besides the natural smooth unlit look, the other six faces of GLOW are vibrant blue, deep red, a surprising mixed white & pink, rich purple, cool green and an enchanting mix of yellow, orange & green. Easily changeable at the push of a button, you can switch them up anytime to match your mood, your outfit or the colors of your favorite team.

GLOW is the comfortable high-quality sneaker with unseen versatility, perfect for every moment of your life: from toned down casual days to the wildest all-night-long parties. It comes with 6 colors in 1 unique sneaker, so you can switch between the rich LED colors that fully light up your feet.

The GLOW sneakers are weather resistant, so even if it rains, you’re all set to keep partying. The switch and charging port are securely covered so you know you’re always safe.  An incredible benefit that GLOW have delivered on is the super long battery life of up to 14 hours. And it only takes 2 hours to fully recharge them, so the show can definitely go on for as long as you want.

“A great application of the GLOW sneakers is increasing safety at night for all runners, joggers and cyclists. The hearing-impaired community finds a great benefit in wearing something cool that attracts attention like these sneakers and feel more protected at the same time”

GLOW look and feel comfortable… because they actually are! Imagine stepping on a white, fluffy, ridiculously comfortable cloud. That’s how wearing these sneakers feels like. The high tech memory foam insoles hug your feet and keep them cozy for as long as you need, so you can focus on enjoying life.

The GLOW sneakers are available in two styles: Sport and Fashion. Both styles have the same high-quality build and materials, as well as all the remarkable LED functionality, boasting 6 colors in one sneaker. Both styles can be worn as a slip-on and the Sport can also be worn with shoelaces if needed.


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