Air Deck 2.0 – Ultimate Travel Playing Card


Travel freak? Need something to pass time during your next travel? Enjoy playing cards? If yes, this product is definitely for you. Introducing Air Deck 2.0, the perfect travel companion. Light weight, smaller size, washable, durable PVC and all for just $10!!!
5 Designs to pick from, premium printing and the list goes on. So get your hands on this really cool product. I firmly believe these cards are worth every penny.

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Editor’s QuoteA must have travel cards and all of that just for $10!



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Key Features:

  • 52 Playing Cards + 2 jokers
  • Waterproof and washable
  • Compact travel friendly size
  • Light weight
  • Durable heavy-duty ‘casino quality’ 0.31mm PVC
  • Premium printing
  • Slightly textured on both sides for better handling
  • Sturdy 0.4mm waterproof synthetic paper tuck box
  • Playing card size : 3.43 x 1.26 inches (87 x 32mm)

Air Deck

What’s New?

Air Deck 2.0 is made with the same high-quality materials as the original, but with a couple of upgrades (apart from the new look):

  • New decks are designed so they’re even more resilient to wear and tear.
  • The boxes (including our current 1st generation Air Decks) are upgraded to .4mm waterproof synthetic paper, which makes them more durable than the .3mm we shipped with the original campaign.
  • The ink on the box is now more resistant to scratching.
  • We’ll be planting mangrove trees to offset any CO2 emitted from production and shipping of the cards.

By Travelers for Travelers

The idea for the original Air Deck was conceived by fellow globetrotters Ursus Negenborn and Rune Kippervik while traveling South East Asia. We love playing cards, and we just couldn’t find a deck that was perfect for carrying at all times. As we’re big fans of optimization, we decided to create the ultimate playing cards for travelers ourselves.

Small Playing Cards


With the Air Deck 2.0 we did not want to compromise on quality. We went to several of the world’s best manufacturers of premium casino cards and asked for the best materials they could provide. In the process of creating the ultimate travel deck, we tried out over 50 different high-end plastic materials. The materials were taken through scratch, bending and handling tests to identify the best candidate. Finally, we ended up with a premium ‘casino quality’ PVC that has all the properties we want for our deck.

Playing card under $10


In the process of selecting the material we sought advice from several playing card professionals, to help us find the optimal material and design. The end result is a deck that shuffles and handles like you expect professional cards to do. The cards are slightly textured on both sides to provide excellent handling.

Cheapest Playing Cards


We created the new designs for Air Deck 2.0 with the wonderful feedback we’ve received from our community.

Warp speed, Astronauts, Plus Plus and Tropicana playing cards come with the same minimalist fronts as the original white decks. For our new classic design, we’ve given the jack, queen, king and the joker a more traditional look.

Despite their smaller width, the cards are as easy to read as a standard sized decks. The full-sized length ensures that it also handles much like a full size deck, and the narrower width makes the deck fit nicely in the palm of your hands.

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