Nomatic Everyday Camera Line Backpack

NOMATIC, as we may know, is a popular backpack manufacturer that has been producing some of the highest quality bags. Most of their backpacks are launched as a crowdfunding campaign and they have had huge success to date. They are now back with a new camera backpack lineup. Meet The Everyday Camera Line. This lineup has three different bags including a backpack and a sling bag. In this post, we are having a look at their backpack.

Why do you need a camera bag when you already have a multi-purpose backpack? Well, if you’re a professional photographer, you need to carry all the gear necessary to suit your needs. Sometimes, you may have to pack up multiple lenses, drone equipment and batteries. While you can carry everything in a duffel bag, the organization and accessibility could be difficult. Nomatic backpack comes in handy during those times.

McKinnon Camera pack allows you to carry camera gear along with your clothes in the same bag during those minimalist weekend trips and gateways. Be rest assured that it will be a versatile travel companion. Its ability to double as an overnight travel bag and a professional camera bag promotes the digital nomad lifestyle.

The main compartment comes with everything necessary to achieve a thoughtful organization for your next trip. Thanks to removable folding dividers, external carry straps, and 7 liter expansion. All these allow you to customize, pack and organize camera gear like a hobbyist pro photographer. It’s where you can fill up camera equipment with ease.

The bag flap can fit your camera, laptop, 3 lenses, drone, cables, card readers, and spare batteries for the camera. In fact, all the camera equipment can hold up all camera accessories. Everything!

The front pocket has plenty of space for chargers, cables, phone, wallets, and other odds. It offers quick access whenever you need these things – full-back access and quick-top access.

Given that all your tech needs protection, the Nomatic Everyday Camera Backpack is made from durable, flexible tarpaulin material. Unlike other materials, tarpaulin tends to scuff. It’s less slippery but rubbery. Again, the material is strong and waterproof. You can keep your camera gear safe from rain, snow, dust, and apocalypse.

To conclude, Nomatic is a reputable brand that is in the business for a long time. You can confidently back their campaign without having to worry about being scammed as it happens with some crowdfunding campaigns these days.

P.S: They also sell a bunch of similar backpacks on their website, you can check them here. This latest release is a better version of their 35L camera backpack.


  • 25L Capacity
  • Fits Up to 16" Laptops
  • Weighs ~3.4 lbs
  • Customizable Compartments
  • Easy Access Zippers

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4.6 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteNomatic produces some of the highest quality tech backpacks on the market
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