Helios Touch – Hexagonal Modular Lights

How about a product that responds to your touch? How about having your own creative shapes? What if its a light? Helios Touch is a product that has all the above features. It is a modular sensitive lighting system that has magnetic tiles so you can have your own shape of light. Each module is hexagonal shaped and responds to touch/swipe independently.

Currently, Helios Touch is available in two types, Warm White and Cool White. The warm white version is best suited for relaxing rooms like a lounge and bedroom. The cool white version is

Helios touch modular light assembly

perfect for bright rooms cush as an office, kitchen, etc. You can use up to 24 lights on one power supply and the package includes an international power supply supporting multiple plugs.

Update as of March 31st, 2021: I just came to know that helios touch is closing down its store and discontinuing its products. I know it is sad but the good news is, we have some close alternatives to Helios touch lights, check them here


  • Modular Blocks
  • Swipe for Light
  • Hold to Adjust the Brightness
  • 3M Sticky Pads for Wall Mounting
  • Includes International Power Supply

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Editor's QuoteThese modular light blocks are super cool
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