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We had previously featured many smartphone accessories before but this gadget is not just cool but is super useful too. Meet IMStick, a small yet powerful accessory for your smartphone. IMStick is a smartphone holder that comes with a flexible cable. You can reshape the cable to mount it anywhere you want, be it on a table, on a bicycle, on a car and what not. IMStick involves magnetic attachment which means you can place a small piece of a magnetic element under the back case of your smartphone and you can attach your smartphone to the IM Stick pad. Since the whole accessory is magnetic, you can literally use it on any magnetic surface giving it a range of useful use cases. Costing at around $15, this holder could be one of the best alternatives for a typical phone holder which is either bulky or constrained to a single application. Watch the video on the product page to know more.

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IMStick – your phone’s best friend accessory!

Product Description (From the Manufacturer)

IMStick is a revolutionary phone accessory that is sure to become your phone’s best friend. Unlike the ordinary phone grips, the tool allows you to easily hold it, place it like a stand, hang or mount it on various surfaces! Thanks to the high quality materials, flexible metal handles and a convenient magnet-based mount, the possibilities are endless, whether you’d like to hold your phone in public in a safer manner, watch videos without using hands, or film wonderful clips using a camera stand!

Intelligent Magnetic Stick (IMStick) is a user-friendly holder for your smartphone, developed as a game-changing solution in the world of mounts for mobiles. IM Stick made from aircraft grade aluminum with integrated neodymium magnets.

Love your smartphone? – hold it tightly while walking and traveling. Just wrap IMStick around your hand: now you can get things done with one hand behind your back – you’ll never drop or lose your phone. Be active! Fix IMStick to the handlebar of your bicycle: the itinerary or calorie-counting app is always in your sight.

The accessory is available in multiple colors and designs on top. You can also personalize the holder as per your wish. Watch the image below for the some personalization goals.

What’s in the Box ($21 Pack)

1x IM Stick
2x Wires
1x backside metal plate with unique achievement design


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