BLUETTI 2400Wh/1000W Portable Solar Power Station

The MAXOAK Power Station 2400Wh has a lot going for it. It is so strong that it can power an entire RV outdoor home. If you are in the market for a portable solar generator, this would be a solid pick. This is important if you are camping or living full-time in an RV. Not limited to RV, EB240 can power almost any home appliance. If you think 2400Wh is a lot for you, go with the 1500Wh version which is much cheaper.


I have their 1500Wh version and it is worth every penny

The battery is automobile quality, and so the manufacturer states that it will last 2500 times longer or more than a standard battery. It has plug-ins in it that are designated for different appliances. For example, you have an outlet for a TV, refrigerator, vacuum cleaner, cellphones, laptop, and mini-fridge. Really, you can accommodate all of the basic creature comforts that you need using this 2400Wh power station.

It can be recharged in a wall or through solar power (MPPT Solar Charging). It’s a very eco-friendly battery and is really a hybrid of the new technology. The solar panel is not included. It has to be in 16V to 68V input voltage range.

This 2400Wh power station has a battery management system that will protect you from overvoltage, overcurrent, and short-circuit problems. The power station is so portable that you can carry it everywhere, be it camping, hunting, picnic or whatever. Since it has a suitcase handle, you can carry it with ease.

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  • Long Lasting 2400Wh Capacity
  • MPPT Solar Charging
  • LG Li-ion battery
  • Maximum 1200W Load

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4.5 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteThis portable power unit is all I need for my home


MAXOAK Power Station 2400Wh/1000W Inverter

If you want to find a long-lasting and high load portable power station for your household/RV/Camping/tailgating/garden device, that is the best choice.

Some Features:
  • High Capacity:2400Wh (648648mAh/3.7V, 162162mAh/14.8V).
  • Inverter Load:Continuous 1000W (1000W≤load<1200W last for 120S;1200W≤load,shuf off after 0.5s)
  • Battery: LG Li-ion battery cell,Auto-level,Lower heat and high efficiency
  • Input:AC/PV Input: 7.9*0.9mm DC, 42V/160W, OCV 16V~68V /MAX.10A
  • Outputs: 1*AC110V, 1*12V9A, 1*PD 45W USB-C, 4*5V3A USB.
  • AC/Solar Recharge. DC to MC4 solar charging cable is included.
  • Size&Net Weight:19.4*6.5*14.4inch,48.5lb.

Built-in MPPT, no need other Controller

The solar charging efficiency is much higher with MPPT built-in. it can track the strength of the sunlight and adapt to the best charging mode.

Power Companion for Indoor/Outdoor

EB240 has 2400 watt-hour power stored in the lithium battery pack. It has huge power for indoor use and outdoor use for outdoor enthusiasts, traveler, adventurer, campers, RV’ers, Van lifer, liveaboards and ocean anglers. Bluetti EB240
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