• Amazing Battery Life
  • Good Amount of Base
  • Voice Support
  • Multiple Modes


  • Ocassional Cracking
  • Sound Leak(Too high)
  • Difficult to Carry
  • No Noice Cancellation
Build and Comfort
Battery Life

Final Verdict

Bluedio has been producing some coolest affordable headphones in the market. If you are looking for a decent headphones under $40 with good amount of bass and if you don't mind about sound leaks, well here is the product you are looking for. But for music lovers who care for every bit of detail and noise cancellation, I would recommend to look for some alternatives.

I was pretty much excited to receive the Bluedio Headphones mainly because of those positive reviews around. Bluedio has been manufacturing many affordable BT Headphones which is indeed special. The headphones I received was Bluedio TM which costs around $38 on Amazon. Let’s begin with the review.


First Impressions

Nothing special with the box. A usual black box consisting of

  • Bluedio TM Headphones
  • Type-C charging cable
  • User Manual

There is no 3mm jack provided in the box. And your usual AUX doesn’t work with these headphones. You need Type-C to 3mm cable and good luck with that.

Overall I felt that Bluedio could make the unboxing experience even more pleasing aesthetically.

Bluedio TM

Design, Build Quality and Comfort

Bluedio TM Review Ear cups are mostly made of plastic with Bluedio name-stamp on the headband and the cups. You get the usual three buttons – Power, Volume + and Volume – all made of plastic. Felt that the buttons could be placed at the center rather than on the edges of the triangular groove. Headband, as well as the ear cups, are accompanied with good quality cushions and thumbs up for that. The hinges are made of steel and are pretty bad. Headphones expand to fit even the largest of the heads. When it comes to comfort, you can easily listen to music for an hour. But slowly seems to hurt your ears, or maybe my ears are quite large to fit inside the cups. I was surprised as over the ear headphones hardly cause you pain.

Bluedio TM headphones are not foldable and it’s very difficult to carry. If a headphone case was provided it would have been much easier and Bluedio must look into it.

Overall a bad build quality apart from those soft cushions.


To be frank, I am quite impressed with the sound quality. There is no question about the Bass, it’s too good at this price range. Initially, I sometimes felt that the bass was overtaking the vocals making it hard to hear. But it is when I came across the EQ modes I was astonished about this headphone considering its price.

EQ Modes

Bluedio Turbine

There are three different modes treble, bass and normal. These three modes make the music stand out depending on your liking. Especially the bass mode made me feel the vibes. Best bass for this price range. Treble was too sharp and I did not enjoy this mode. But the normal mode is perfectly tailored and full-on marks for this. But these headphones are worst when it comes to sound leaks. I sometimes watched the movies with the headphones on my neck. Probably the loudest leak in this range.

Considering the price range, the sound was pretty good but the sound leaks spoiled the fun.

Battery and Other Specifiers

Bluedio Headphones

About the battery, just one word – amazing. I have used this for weeks and still, the battery doesn’t seem to be dying. Bluedio advertises a 30-hour battery life for T Monitor and I won’t be surprised if it does allow you to enjoy such long music. A USB – C makes charging faster.

When the headphones reach 30% battery level, you get a warning every minute which is the most annoying thing. I was not able to do anything with these warnings popping out every minute.

Bluetooth 5.0 allowed easy and seamless connections. I could watch videos on Laptop and Cell Phones without any lag in the audio.


Bluedio says these headphones support AWS. I haven’t tested it. But Google Assistant and  Voice dial seems accurate. Call quality was rated as satisfying by the receiver, I did not find any problems in audio clarity.


You can find these headphones from Amazon for as low as $19 via lightning deals. Definitely worth it if you can get those deals. Keep watching out.

Final Verdict

Bluedio has got its own positive notes such as audio modes, battery life, USB-C support. But the main disadvantage is flexibility. You cannot fold it. Hence carrying these headphones is a real pain. Aesthetically it couldn’t impress too. There is no noise cancellation and on contrary has sound leaks. Now you can find decent headphones such as MPOW for about $40 offering active noise cancellations. So I would suggest looking for alternatives with the noise cancellation feature.

Tips and Tricks

EQ Modes

While playing music, hold volume up and down buttons simultaneously. the music stops for a couple of seconds and thereafter your music continues in a different mode. Unfortunately, there is no visual control over the modes.


Bluedio supports multiple languages and you can control it via buttons. Press hold the Volume down button and press the power button. You can hear a command in a different language.

Best Alternative to this Headset

No products found.


Q. When the battery is down, can I use it as a wired headphone?

Ans. Yes, you can use Bluedio TM as a wired headphone. But for this, you will need a USB-C to 3.5 mm jack. These headphones miss out 3.5 mm jack. You can get it from amazon.

Q. Does it have active noise cancellation?

Ans. No, these headphones have neither Active nor passive noise cancellation.

Q. Can I use the headphones for calling?

Ans. Yes, you can even use it for voice dialing.

Q. Does it leak too much sound?

Ans. I have been using these for months and I can blindly say these leaks are probably the highest I have ever come across. The person standing next to you can hear every bit of sound.


Last update on 2024-04-16 / Links / Images from Amazon PAAPI