Ecoflow Foldable Solar Panel Review

There are numerous reasons why you’ll find yourself seeking a foldable solar panel. Probably you own an RV and you’re experiencing low battery issues while out camping. Or perhaps you’re a mobile homeowner and you need to recharge some electric devices. With Ecoflow 110W Solar Panel, you don’t need outside power sources. I have been using Ecoflow solar panel for a long time now and in this post, I want to give you my opinions on it by reviewing it.

Note: Ecoflow has a wide range of foldable solar panel options, check their catalog and get the one that suits your needs

The Ecoflow solar panel is compactly portable to be anywhere needed. Be it camping, outdoor activities, RV or van life, this panel is a great fit. It can even fit in your checked-in luggage!

The panel easily couples with all of Ecoflow’s battery stations for off-grid power backup. If you have the River power station, having a portable solar panel like this is a no-brainer. Thanks to its higher conversion efficiency that ensures efficient and quick charging.

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When selecting, most people will find themselves swapped with the options. Remember to check out things like build quality, compatibility, efficiency, design, and more – Ecoflow 110w unit has it all. Let’s get down to the Ecoflow solar panel review.

What’s in the Box?

The panel came in a moderately sized box with thermocol inside for protection. Inside the box, you can find,

  • The panel itself with MC4 connectors
  • A carry pouch
  • Quickstart guide

Build Quality

Impressively thin and lightweight, the Ecoflow 110w solar panel is super compact, making it a great charging companion for outdoor enthusiasts. Its excellent quality and sleek ergonomic design are what most people prefer as they invest their hard-earned cash.

The 110-watt solar panel is made up of the A-class (streamlined) Mono-crystalline silicon cells. Keep in mind that these types of solar panels enjoy high heat tolerance. Simply, under high temperatures, their performance is never affected. Even under low-light environments, it will outperform other units.

The panel gets super hot under the sun, so avoid touching it unnecessarily

Made of high strength fiberglass material, the rugged durability of this portable solar panel is uncompromised. It’s scratch-proof to withstand damp conditions out there. Therefore, the unit guarantees a long lifespan. For its design and aesthetics, I would give 10/10. Ecoflow always rocks in this aspect.

Foldable & Portable Design

The ultra-compact size and foldable design offer a fascinating advantage. Carrying it with you anywhere and everywhere you go, whether hiking, camping, or other outdoor activities isn’t tedious. You just slip it into the briefcase (zip up) and start off your journey.

Even better, the model is designed with a flexible bracket stand and a rubber handle. The case acts as a freely adjustable kickstand. This makes it simple for the user to point the solar panel at 0 up 180-degree angle to the sun for ultimate solar exposure.

At just 8.8 lbs., the 110 solar panel is light enough to wherever electricity is needed. And like other eco-friendly solar panels, our model operates with zero harmful emissions.

This panel easily fits in your truck, car, and even inside a luggage

Widely Compatible With Most Power Stations

It’s a wise idea to pick a unit that’s compatible with most of your devices. Fortunately, Ecoflow 110W supports both portable power stations and phone devices. Thankfully, it comes with this add-on feature compared to others.

Featuring MC4 port to Xt60 cable, the user can charge most portable generators including Ecoflow’s EFDELTA and R600. Use the MCA adapter that comes with the power station. If you are using any other solar battery generators, you can make use of MC4 to DC cable.

Besides this, it’s important to have different sized connectors to enhance compatibility with the portable solar generators. However, you’ll need to buy them separately.

Conversion Efficiency

With little bells and whistles, it’s significant to consider the conversion efficiency of a solar panel. That’s the only way you can satisfy the intended use. No worry, Ecoflow 110W foldable solar panel is one of few devices that offer higher conversion efficiency.

The monocrystalline solar cells ensure a high yield of 20 up to 21% efficiency. But, the power output I got from this panel is awful. My max power did not go above 50W under direct sunlight. I know this is strange but I have no idea what went wrong. I tried moving the panel around, changing the direction and keeping it flat on the ground. I even tried holding it up so that the iron railings don’t block the light. But nothing really worked in my case. The max power was 49W.

Also, when there is no direct sunlight, this panel outputs 0 Watt, yes, it is an absolute zero. Even when the sun is masked by a cloud, the output drops to single-digit if not null.

Observe the sky and the power station display, the input is 0

I don’t know if this is the case with other solar panels like the suitcase/box type. But if you see the video by pigmie (at the end of this post), his panel actually gave 100W a couple of times. The only thing I could think of is the direction. I will try to alter it and test the output sometimes soon.

But luckily, because of the chainable feature, it’s easier to chain nearly 4 -100 Watt solar panels simultaneously with the MC4 connector. This lets you combine all the power output to a single one yielding a higher output.


Don’t forget that the solar panel you’re about to buy will have to deal with dust, water, moisture, and adverse climatic conditions. Therefore, the product must come with quality material. Ecoflow 110W is one of the best waterproof solar panels.

The rugged PVC material is waterproof and will protect the unit when traveling, hiking, and backpacking. In addition, the carrying case is splash-proof to keep it away from any damage.

Easy Setup

Portable solar panels are not only easy to install but also to use. Nonetheless, this depends on the model. In our case, Ecoflow 110w did not come with any stand or something but it is hard enough to stay standing on the ground.

Depending on the direction of the sun, you can either place it vertically or horizontally. To use it vertically, you need some sort of hanger. If you are using it on your trip, you can simply hang it from your car or RV.

When you are done aligning the panel, take out the MC4 connectors and attach it to your power station directly or via some converters like MC4 to DC.

What Can Ecoflow 110W Solar Panel Charge?

The can recharge almost every battery stations that support solar charging, Bluetti EB150 and Delta 1300 are some examples. It can also recharge most of the CPAP power stations, emergency batteries, solar refrigerators and everything that accepts solar input. Also, this solar panel is a perfect accessory for Ecoflow’s newest power station called R600. Just note that charge times normally depend on the size of power stations.

What I like:

  • Consistent and convenient energy source
  • Portable and wider compatibility
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Weighs under 10 lbs
  • Waterproof
  • Aesthetic

What I don’t like

  • Maybe lesser power output than some foldable solar panels
  • Very expensive

Final Verdict

Now that you know something about this solar panel, it is time for me to give my verdict. This foldable solar panel is only useful if you are a frequent traveler (especially road trips), outdoor enthusiasts (camping, hiking and other stuff) or you work outdoors most of the time. I am telling it not because this panel is expensive but because its power output is not that great. It’s not Ecoflow’s problem, this is the same for any foldable solar panel of flexible type.

I would give this solar panel a rating of 8.4/10

So, try to go with a suitcase solar panel if possible. I know they are bulky but if you are using it in your home or in a fixed place or even your truck, the suitcase-type is much better. They are not only efficient but also cheaper.

Finally, if you own a portable power station that supports solar charging, you need a portable solar panel like this. I normally take my panel and battery when I go on a road trip and they are immensely useful. So, all battery station owners, you can either buy this or choose one from our top solar panel picks.

You can find the panel in the patio

I thank Ecoflow for sending out this unit. Also, watch the video below by pigmie, it helps you better understand the product. If you have any questions on this panel, feel free to shoot me an email at and I will be happy to help.


  • Extremely Portable
  • Easy to Use
  • Power Rating of 110W
  • Aesthetically Pleasing
  • Waterproof
  • Weighs ~9 lbs

Editor's Review
4.2 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteIf you can afford a little more bulkier panel, just go with a suitcase type because these foldable panels are not so solar effecient
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