In today’s world, everybody is on the move, traveling from place to place, engaging in different work environments. With such a mobile life with gadgets like smartphones, headphones etc, you probably won’t even have time or option to recharge your devices with a traditional wall charger. Well, with the improvement of battery banks, things are much simpler and convenient today than it was 10 years ago. Powerbanks of today support wireless charging, PD (power delivery) quick charging and are packed in a much smaller space than before.

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In this post, I am reviewing a wireless powerbank from Hokonui. HOKONUI might sound a little unfamiliar to you, but they have a good range of products that you should definitely look at. They have different types of power banks including QI Wireless Charging battery banks.

The following is their updated model, everything is the same except the design

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What’s in the Box?

The package contains the power bank, user manual, USB to micro USB cable, USB to type C cable


The design and look of this power bank are above average. It comes with a glossy surface that is very slippery and I myself dropped it a couple of times. Also, the surface is a fingerprint magnet. There are 4 ports on the power bank, two USB ports, 1 micro USB port and 1 USB C port. The USB C port has a PD symbol on it and has an output power capacity of 12W. The power bank can ve charged via micro USB or type C port. The output is via USB and type C port.

There is a button on the left side to turn on the wireless charging. The button sucks. On the right side of the battery bank, there is an extension arm that can be used as a mobile stand. The picture below shows it in detail.

Hokonui wireless battery bank

The power capacity of the Hokonui wireless battery bank is 10,000 mAh.

Some of the product features include

  • Two USB ports that can simultaneously charge 2 devices/gadgets using USB cables
  • One micro USB port to charge the power bank
  • One USB C port to quick charge the power bank
  • LCD display showing the remaining battery percentage
  • Top surface with QI wireless charging capability

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What is my opinion on this powerbank?

best wireless power bank


I tried the power bank with my Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and the results were amazing. I never knew a power bank could fast charge your phone wirelessly. It was crazy. The quick charging time was the same as that of Samsung Wired Quick Charging which is roughly about one and a half hours which is impressive.

The power bank fits in your pocket and it is very convenient to carry. The power efficiency isn’t bad at all. It has been more than a year since I started using this gadget and it is working flawlessly even today. Apart from the glossy slippery surface, everything else is impressive with this power bank.

PS: They are now offering a similar power bank with a better surface, check here




Quick Wireless Charging
The LCD display on the power bank
USB C port to quick charge the Power bank itself
A special USB port that can be used to power any device between 5V, 9V, and 12V
10,000 mAh is quite less for longer vacation/trip
The power bank is very slippery, it kinda sucks

If you have a smartphone with wireless charging option, this accessory is a great option

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This post is updated on February 12th 2020

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