Electric Bikes have come a long way, be it in utility, commute or offroad adventure. It is good to see new companies offering quality bikes at a never before price.  With all these developments in the eBike sector, choosing the one that fits you has become a problem. Previously, we have compared different ebikes on our website and in fact we have created an in-depth buying guide of the best electric bikes that are under $1500 and $1000. Feel free to check them out as they will give you an idea of what to look for when purchasing an ebike.

In this article I am comparing RadRunner Plus vs Ride1UP LMT’D  which are 750W geared hub motor powered electric bikes.

The exact models being compared in this article is given below. Make sure you are checking out the right one.

RadRunner Plus Electric Utility Bike Check Price
Ride1UP LMT'D eBike Ride1UP LMT’D Check Price

First Impression

RadRunner Plus has the look and feel of a 70s classic bike. It is elegant and beautiful. RadRunner has a stand-over height of just 16.5″ with fully loaded accessories such as passenger package (back rack with cushions), headlights, etc.

Ride1UP LMT’D has a raw regular look and comes in two different frame shapes. The coolest thing about this eBike is, the battery has been integrated with the frame and you will not notice anything attached to it. It has a stand-over height of 19″ and is tall compared to RadRunner. It has no built-in accessories, but there are plenty of add-ons that come with a cost. Ride1UP has 2 frame variations known as ST and XR. Thanks to its lightweight alloy frame, it weighs only 51lbs and is easy to control.

Ride1UP LMT'D eBike
Ride1UP’s 2 variants

Physical Features

RadRunner Plus Ride1UP LMT’D
Type Utility eBike City Bike
Frame 18″ Aluminum Lightweight Alloy Frame (2 frame variations)
Brakes 180 mm front and rear 180 mm front and rear Hydraulic
Weight 74.3lb 51lb
Gear 7-speed gear Shimona 8-speed gear
Tire Size (inches) 20×3.3 27.5×2.4

Ride1UP is powered by 180mm hydraulic brakes unlike RadRunners mechanical ones and also features an 8 speed Shimona gear against RadRunner’s 7-speed. When it comes to wheels, Ride1UP has a larger wheel as its standover height is higher(19 inches) compared to RadRunner Plus(16.5 inches) which features a slightly thicker wheel.

RadRunner Plus
RadRunner Plus with a rear rack

Technical Features

Have a look at the technical comparison between the two electric bikes

RadRunner Plus Ride1UP LMT’D
Battery 48V 14AH Lithium-Ion 48V 14AH Samsung Cells
Motor 750W Geared Hub 750W Geared Hub
Max Speed 20mph 20-28mph
Mileage ~45miles 30-50 miles
Torque 80nm 100nm

Both these electric bikes are powered by a 750W geared hub motor and 48V battery. As usual, the max speed and mileage vary depending on throttle mode or pedal which is the case in every electric bike. The main technical difference is torque. Ride1UP has a torque of 100nm meaning it can rotate the wheels more easily creating more acceleration. That is why you see the extra speed in Ride1UP.

RadRunner Plus vs Ride1UP LMT’D: Which one to consider?

Both RadRunner Plus and Ride1UP are powered by a 750W motor and 48V battery. RadRunner can handle uneven terrains better than Ride1UP, but Ride1UP has an awesome torque providing you that extra pull.

Buy RadRunner Plus, If:

  • Looking for a utility bike
  • Carry kids / move things around

Buy Ride1UP LMT’D, If:

  • Want to purchase an ebike for daily commuting
  • Awesome torque


RadRunner Plus Electric Utility Bike Check Price
Ride1UP LMT'D eBike Ride1UP LMT’D Check Price

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