“It’s been a while since I started using Bluetti EB150 by Maxoak. After using the power station for a couple of months and taking it on a road trip to Utah, I now have sufficient experience with it to write an in-depth review that could help you make your decision. If you have any questions related to the power station, feel free to let me know in the comment section at the end of the post and I will definitely respond. Also, don’t forget to grab the coupon at the end of the post to get a huge discount.

EB150 TV

Why would someone use a portable power generator? Well, there are so many reasons. Some of them include its usefulness for outdoor works, road trips in your RV, camping adventure, emergency situations, and whatnot. For me, it was for outdoor works and road trips. I am someone who loves working outdoors with power tools, especially drilling matching. When I want to use a power drill in the woods, how can I get the electricity? Those cordless drills won’t help me either because they aren’t as powerful as a wired one. In such cases, you can either use a diesel-powered generator or a battery generator like EB150. Since I am tech-savvy, I would definitely go with the latter.

If I were to list the advantages of having a portable battery bank, it would be never-ending

I am reviewing the following product. If you wish to buy the product, don’t forget to grab the coupon code.

What’s in the box

The product comes in a huge box. I recommend you unbox it before you move it somewhere, it’ll be easier. The packaging is secured with thermocol material. The accessories come in a separate box which is included in the main package itself. If you relocate your stuff often, I recommend keeping the box with you so that you can just pack it and ship it. Inside the box, you will find the following items,

  • PV Solar Charge Cable (7909 to MC4)
  • AC Wall Charger (including AC input charging cable)
  • EB150 Solar Power Generator
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card
  • Certificate of Qualification

First Impression

The design and build quality of MAXOAK EB150 is really good. It features both plastic and metal construction. While the body is made of metal, the front and back panel and the handle are made of plastic. Mine is a blue-colored version but there is a black version too, in case if you need it.

Bluetti Ports

In the front section, we have a fairly large LCD display that shows stats like remaining battery level, input & output power (both AC and DC in watts). The display is bright enough to be visible in the sunlight. Apart from the display, we have buttons and DC ports. The back of the product features a fan that helps in keeping the battery cool while the power station is in action. We also have two AC output ports. I have listed everything in the following table.

AC Power Outlets (110V) 2 Ports 1000W each
USB Ports 4 Ports 3A Max
USB C Ports 1 Port 45W
DC Car Port 12V 9A
Solar/DC Input Port 16 – 60V / 10A
Digital Display Yes
AC On/Off Switch Yes
DC On/Off Switch Yes
Overload Protection Switch No

The handle on top is perfect for carrying the battery. I really like the handle position because I can easily carry it like a briefcase. Even though it weighs around 35lbs, it is not hard to carry around your house.

Overall the battery station has a decent look, it is not so fancy or aesthetic but since I am not using this as home decor, I am fine with it.


In this section, let me go over the technical features of EB150. You can always ask a question in the comment section at the end of this post.

Power Capacity

Maxoak Bluetti EB150 has a power capacity of 1000W which means you can use EB150 to drive any equipment under 1000W for at least an hour. Note that EB150 can drive some devices that are slightly over 1000W but not for a long time.

The battery station features two 1000W AC outlets (110V each) but the combined power draw cannot exceed 1000W. In case if it does, the power station will shut down to prevent any damage to the battery.

The fan automatically turns on for cooling when the output power reaches some threshold

Bluetti AC Outlets

Surge Capacity

As far as I know, this power station does not have any surge support. So the power capacity of 1000W is the highest it can drive. This isn’t a great thing to have because some of its competitors support surges, some even up to 3000W which is amazing.

Bluetti EB150 Surge Overload

Battery Capacity

Maxoak EB150 has a huge battery capacity of 1500Wh. For those who aren’t familiar with Wh rating, let me give you an example.

Assume you have two gadgets, one is a 1000W drilling machine and another is a 200W TV.

With EB150’s 1500Wh battery, you can power the 200W TV for almost 8 hours while the 1000W drilling machine lasts for about 85 minutes.

Similarly, a 10W bulb can be powered continuously for 6 days. If you use two 10W bulbs, the duration halves to 3 days. I hope you’ve got the point.

Solar Support

Having a solar charging is absolutely necessary when you are on outdoor adventures. Luckily, most of the power stations will support solar charging. Bluetti EB150 generator supports up to 500W solar input (with MPPT technology) which is amazing. Assuming you have a 500W and a super sunny day, EB150 can be fully charged in around 8 hours. Also, it automatically stops charging after a full charge.

Choosing a foldable solar panel is a good idea as you can carry it around with ease.

Charging Options

Bluetti EB150 allows charging via an AC wall outlet or Solar panel. It may take around 10 hours for a full charge via an AC wall outlet. The solar charging can vary depending upon the panel power output and the sunlight. Typically a 500W panel should fully charge it in 8 hours provided perfect sunlight.

Bluetti Power Station
EB150 Charging via an AC outlet


The power station features a basic display and I am not a huge fan of it. I think Ecoflow Delta 1300 has the best display in a power station. Anyway, these are the metrics you’ll on the screen.

  • Battery Level
  • Input Power (during charging)
  • AC and DC Output Power
Bluetti Display
Maxoak EB150 digital display

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Performance of EB150

Now that you know the technical details about the power station, it is time to see how EB150 performs and what devices it can drive. During my road trip to Utah last month, I took it in my car as a power bank. I and my friends used it for charging out Laptops, smartphones, and headphones. If I were to remember correctly, we used the device continuously for 5 days and it still had 25% or so battery remaining at the end of the trip. I loved its company so much. If you go on road trips often, you should be owning a portable power station.

EB150 battery powering a TV

With a huge 1000W power and 1500Wh battery capacity, Bluetti EB150 can power almost any home equipment. I have personally tried it with many appliances like TV, Oven, Electric Cooker, Laptop, Toaster, and a lot more. The following table gives you an idea of it. It is good to note that the numbers are approximate.

Appliance Bluetti EB150
Laptop (80W) 45 Hours
LCD TV (150W) 9 Hours
Smartphone (8W) 7 Days
Desktop Computer (200W) 7 Hours
Ceiling Fan (52 inch) 1 Day
Microwave Oven (1100W) 90 Minutes
Instant Pot Cooker (1000W) 100 Minutes
Corded Drilling Machine (600W) 2 Hours
Washing Machine (900W) 1.5 Hours
Blender (250W) 5.5 Hours
Electric Clothes Dryer (1700W) No
Toaster (650W) 2 Hours
Electric Kettle (1300W) No
Portable Refrigerator (70W) 20 Hours
Mini Vacuum Cleaner (250W) 5.5 Hours
Surveillance/Wifi Camera (5W) 11 Days
Power station for Instant pot
Instant Pot cooker running on EB150 power station


Key Takeaways

Now that you know everything about EB150, I would take a moment to list down the key points you should take away from this review.

  • EB150 has a power capacity of 1000W that means it can power any equipment that has a power requirement of 1000W or below.
  • The Surge power of EB150 is around 1000W which means the power output cannot exceed 1000W, even for a second. Even though it is officially mentioned, I have personally seen it go beyond 1100W for at least 5 seconds.
  • EB150 has a battery capacity of 1500Wh. For example, you can power a150W gadget straight for 10 hours with this generator.
  • It can support a maximum of 500W solar panel input and supports MPPT charging.
  • The power station has every kind of port, including 110V AC outlets (US Style), DC output, USB A and USB C.
  • It weighs around 35 pounds or 17Kg and the top handle makes it easy to carry.

Five Reasons to buy EB150

  • EB150 has a higher battery capacity (watt-hour)
  • Can power almost any home appliance
  • Extremely portable (in comparison with other power generators)
  • Has 500W Solar Panel Support
  • Is affordable

Three Reasons not to buy EB150

  • Low surge power
  • Requires a lot of time to get fully charged
  • Only 2 AC ports
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Design & Build Quality
Price Point

Final Verdict

EB150 is an amazing power station for the price point. It has good battery capacity, performance, and portability. But if you are concerned about surge capacity, you may skip this one.