With the advancement of technology, particularly with compact batteries, motors and cheaper electronic components, electric bikes have been a norm of commute. The main reason for this is the affordability and ease of use. Today eBikes hold a significant share of the bike/bicycle market.

Having said all that, in this article, I am bringing you the comparison between two of the budget segment eBikes costing around $1000RadMission Vs Ride1UP Roadster V2. Both these eBikes are single-speed drivetrain resulting in low and easy maintenance and optimal for urban drives.

The exact models being compared in this article are given below. Make sure you are checking out the right one.

RadMission eBike RadMission Check Price
Roadster v2 eBike Ride1UP Roadster V2 Check Price

First Impression

RadMission has a stylish look with as many as 6 colors available to choose from. It is elegant and beautiful with high-step and mid-step options. RadMission comes with a headlight and offers a variety of optional accessories like front and rear racks, fenders, etc at a cost. It has an external battery and the eBike weighs 48lbs.

The high-step frame offers a 31” standover height for riders between 5’7” – 6’4”, while the mid-step frame has a 28” standover height for riders between 5’2” and 6’2”.

Ride1UP Roadster V2 has a rather simple look and comes in two different frame shapes. As always, the coolest thing about Ride1UP eBikes is, the battery integration with the frame so you don’t even notice it. It has no built-in accessories, but there are plenty of add-ons that come with a cost. It is available in three colors and just weighs 33lbs!

The rider height in case of Roadster v2 is 5’3″-5’8″(small frame – 52cms) and 5’7″-6’2″(large frame – 58cms). Unlike RadMission, Roadster does not have a Step-through frame, but a common diamond frame(52cms and 58cms)

Physical Features

RadMission Ride1UP Roadster V2
Type Urban Bike Urban Bike
Frame 18″ and 21.5″ Aluminum Aluminum (2 frame variants)
Brakes 180 mm Tektro mechanical disc brakes Dual Pivot Brakes
Weight 48lbs 33lbs
Gear Single Speed Single Speed
Tire Size (inches) 27.5 x 1.95 27.5 x 1.6

Both of these are urban bikes with a single speed. The main difference between the two is the brakes and the drivetrain. RadMission has dual disc brakes which are common these days while Roadster V2 went with dual-pivot brakes which are not fancy but serve the purpose and are cheap to maintain. I would have loved to see the disc breaks on these!!

Roadster V2 is a belt-drive eBike which means belts are used to transmit power to wheels instead of traditional chains. These belts give you longer miles, low noise and are also maintenance-free. If I am not wrong, V2 is one of the cheapest belt-drive eBike available in the market. RadMission on the other hand sticks to regular chain drive.

For those of you staying in apartments, Roadster V2 weighs just 33lbs making it easy to carry over your shoulder, up the stairs

RadMission vs Ride1up DriveTrain

RadMission Disc Brakes, motor and chain-drive VS Roadster V2 motor and belt-drive

Technical Features

Have a look at the technical comparison between the two electric bikes

RadMission Ride1UP Roadster V2
Battery 48V, 10.5 Ah Samsung 35e Cells 36V 7.0 Ah Samsung 35e Cells
Motor 500W Geared Hub 500W (peak) 350W (nominal) Geared Hub
Max Speed 20mph 24mph
Mileage 25–45miles 20-35 miles

Ride1UP has a smaller battery compared to Radmission and the batteries are aesthetically hidden inside the frame leaving you no clue that it is an eBike(Well if you did not notice 500W motor ofc). Both being powered by 500W geared hub motors, have got reliable speed and mileage.

The main catch when it comes to technical specs is that Roadster V2 doesn’t provide throttle. Although it does provide pedal assist, I feel the throttle will be missed. But you can’t complain much as Roadster V2 is able to pull 20-35miles range with such a small battery. RadMission has a half grip throttle as well as pedal assist, thanks to its bigger battery.

You cannot switch between spare batteries using Roadster as it is fitted inside the frame

RadMission External Battery VS Roadster V2 Internal Battery

RadMission vs Ride1UP Roadster V2: Which one to consider?

Both RadMission and Ride1UP are single-speed urban bikes costing nearly the same amount of money. Rad bikes and Ride1UP are well-known companies which makes choice even more difficult.

Roadster V2 is a lightweight, low-maintenance eBike with a good reputation. If you love pedaling and looking for a simple eBike, losing out on disc breaks and throttle must not bother you. This is one of the most affordable belt-drive eBikes available.

For those who are looking for an entry-level eBike with all the features available, RadMission is the one. It has throttle, disk breaks and a big replaceable battery. An eBike by Rad with these many features at such a cost is a steal deal as they are not into the low-end market. Most of their products are in the middle tier though.


RadMission eBike RadMission Check Price
Roadster v2 eBike Ride1UP Roadster V2 Check Price

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