Are electric bikes worth the money? With an upsurge in demand for the most environmentally-friendly and affordable form of transport, most people see e-bikes as the best alternative. They’re an absolute steal.

As we know, the physical input required for an ordinary bike isn’t suitable for everyone. Electric bikes come with a motor to speed up and relieve some of this tedious work. As such, biking enthusiasts have a chance to cycle around and beyond hassle-free without breaking a sweat.

But are electric bikes pretty that expensive? Fairly enough, many manufacturers want to enjoy a slice in the market. Consequently, technological advances and competition have positively boomed.

As a result, there are high-end brands and cheap e-bikes that will cost a few hundred dollars. If you’re a budget-minded consumer, it’s easier to get a cheaper, yet quality model.

The best electric bike under $1000 is a workhorse and will offer a comfortable ride. So, let’s narrow down the best affordable electric bikes which are not only cheap but also worth their price.

Things To Consider When Buying An Affordable Electric Bike

Bikers should check out for primary criteria when choosing the best electric bikes under 1000 or 500 because cheaper bikes tend to lack some primary metrics. Such factors will help you to determine the quality of the model, how well it performs and whether it will meet your needs.

Motor Power & Battery

Motor power is of utmost importance. Some ebikes may come with substandard motors, thus reducing the acceleration or power. High wattage equates more power and maximum speed your bicycle will deliver. Also, this will demonstrate its versatility to handle different environments like terrains.

Choose a model that comes with a mid-drive motor. These types of motors are known to be the standout and provide excellent assistance as compared to the hub-drive motor. Although hub-drive motors are relatively cheap with a simple design and easy to fix, they might struggle in steeper terrains.


A 500W motor power is perfect in my opinion

On the other hand, the more powerful and stronger the battery is, the higher the range it will cover on a single charge. Simply, this is known as the range of the ebike. Thus, the size and quality of the battery are what matters.

The best thing is that electric bikes use lithium-ion batteries that offer along lifespan if maintained properly. To increase the battery’s longevity, it’s advisable not to drain the power altogether. Just recharge it whenever it drops by halfway.

Keep in mind that torque (turning force) and speed are the primary derivatives of motor power. It’s as simple as that!

Build Quality

Build quality is another thing to look for before splashing out your bunch of dollars. The main question that should pop up in your mind is; what material is the electric bike made from? And does the material match the quality you need?

Some cheap bikes feature a cheap build construction making the less reliable. When selecting, consider a model with good load capacity in that it can offer remarkable power-assisted miles to your destination.

The best budget electric bike should be pretty sturdy and nicely build. The best material frame is forged aluminum alloy. Vitally important, this frame is not only robust but also super lightweight.

Additional Features

While those are key factors to consider, there are other additional features worth noting. They include folding design, range, LCD display, range, suspension and disk brakes.

Foldability. Modern ebikes take a foldable design. Some people may have limited space in their homes. To match your space, consider shopping for a portable and portable electric bike.

Range. The battery capacity will impact the range. The greater the capacity, the greater the number of miles you bike will cover.

LCD Display. The LED lighting or headlamp assists the rider to zoom around and ride comfortably at night.

Suspension. An ebike with dual a decent dual-suspension ensures a smooth ride by absorbing tough bumps and hits on the path.

Comparison of eBikes Under $1000

The following table compares each bike in this list with one another. I have listed 8 of the most important parameters including motor, speed, etc.

Radmission1 (best budget)
NCM Prague (best looking)
Ride1Up Roadster V2 (lightweight)
Ancheer Hummer
Espin Nero (best features)
Ecotric Fat Tire GigaByke
Motor 500W 350W 350W 500W 500W 500W 350W
Max Speed 20 MPH 20 MPH 25 MPH 22 MPH 25 MPH 20 MPH 20 MPH
Max Range 45 miles 40 miles 25 miles 22 miles 50 miles 30-35 miles 25 miles
Battery 48V, 10.5 Ah 36V, 13 Ah 36V, 7.0ah 48V, 10Ah 48V, 14.5Ah 36V, 12Ah 36V, 7.5Ah
Payload Capacity
275 lbs 275 lbs 260lbs 330lbs 300 lbs 265lb NA
Weight ~ 48 lbs ~ 53 lbs ~ 32 lbs ~ 53 lbs ~ 70 lbs ~ 55 lbs ~ 36 lbs
Tire Size 27.5″ 26″, 27.5″ and 29″ NA 27.5″ 26″ 26″ NA
LCD Display No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

The bikes with green color in metrics are the best in the category.

Best eBikes Under $1000 – Our Top Picks

Now that you have a general overview from the comparison table, it is time to get into the heart of the article to see some specs and features of these bikes. At the end of the post, I have given my verdict, so please don’t miss it. Also, if you can pull out some more money from your pocket, check out our buying guide on electric bikes under $1500, I have listed some of the best performing bikes in that post.

1. RadPower RadMission 1 Electric Metro Bike

Finding a sturdy, rigid electric bike that strikes a balance between excellent performance and affordability isn’t easy. RadPower RadMission ebike is a real deal with add-on features to ensure your ride is more convenient and comfortable.

RadPower RadMissiom 1 is governed by a powerful 500W Geared Hub motor. This unit provides 50 Nm of turning force (torque) for not only a smooth but also a capable ride as you push your limits. It’s perfect for flattening and lessening your everyday hills.

This bike comes in two variants, high-step and medium-step

In terms of speed, this cheaper ebike comes with a single-speed drivetrain that promises low maintenance and easy riding. The extraordinary combination of powerful removable battery and gear motor boost a maximum speed of 17 up to 20 MPH.

The mid-step variant is perfect for females

Unlike other models, you can accelerate on rugged terrain, bumpy roads and climb slopes fast and effortless. For professional riders, be assured that it will bypass a riding range of 25 to 45 miles per charge.

Additionally, it’s packed with a new, upgraded 48V, 10.5 Ah battery pack that only weighs 7lbs (as a whole, the bike weighs 48lbs). That said, it’s slightly lighter than the standard battery packs we know, but still delivers superb mile range as per riders’ expectations.

This bike is pretty lightweight

While it mimics a compact and ergonomic design, RadPower RadMission 1 gives a sleek look. Thus, it’s ideal for your upcoming road trip. Remember the bike is made of a lightweight aluminum alloy. So, you can carry it with you when everything falls off.

The narrow tires and double aluminum rims provide less rolling resistance. Plus, integrated brake light, twist grip throttle and LED control convenience.

Key Features

  • 500W gear Hub Motor
  • Speed up to 20 MPH
  • 48V, 10.5 Ah battery pack
  • Up to 45 miles range
  • Single-speed Drivetrain for comfortable riding
  • Aluminum alloy build quality ( double aluminum rims & narrow tires)
  • Lightweight, Twist Grip Throttle and LED control panel


2. NCM Prague Electric Mountain Bike

The NCM Prague is presumably the best-rated ebike under $1000 on Amazon platform. The feature-packed bike comes with the electrical assistance that makes it super-easy to cruise on the mountain, meander along your preferred trail.

This electric powered mountain bike runs on a 350-watt rear-drive motor exerts enough power to get you to an impeccable acceleration and reach a top speed of 20mph. Backed by a powerful detachable battery, climbing mountains is fast and effortless. You’ve 21-speed gear to choose from.

Fairly enough, this model has a forged aluminum alloy frame, which is sturdy and durable to maneuver in any environment. Also, the material weighs just 55lbs, including electric accessories to suit the handling qualities of a recommended regular mountain ebike.

This is the most aesthetic electric bike I have seen in a while

With an average range of 20 to 60 miles on a single charge, the bike is ideal for adventurers. However, this highly depends on the assist level – both throttle and pedal assist. The gear motor plays a vital role in this. The best part of it is that you can remove the battery and recharge.

Alongside its build quality, this ebike combines ergonomic design, rugged aluminum brakes and Schwalbe smart tires to enhance functionality and safety when you jump on it. It supports a load capacity of maximum 275lbs (125kg).

If you’re a newcomer or an avid cyclist, the 6 levels of pedal assistance and Shimano shifters make sure you drive remains responsive and smooth for long hours. While the LCD display is easy to read, the Das-Kit system offers unbeatable reliability.

Key Features

  • 350-watt rear-drive motor
  • Forged aluminium brakes & 21 speed gear
  • 20-60 average range, 20mph top speed
  • Lightweight, easy to handle mountain bike
  • Das-kit system & LCD display
  • Shimano shifters and 6 levels of pedal assistance


3. Ride1UP Roadster V2 Ebike

Replacing Ride1Up Roadster, dubbed Ghost – this new version is the most lightweight and stealthiest model in the company’s lineup. Roadster V2 has neat features to love about, especially when you look back at its low cost.

Powered by a 500-watt peak, 350W nominal quiet geared Shengyi motor, this new release is the best electric commuter bike for you. City dwellers who particularly love short trips will appreciate its functionality.

The motor power combines well with the Class 2, pedal-assist to achieve a maximum speed of 24mph. It also features 36V, 7.0Ah concealed battery, which is fully integrated into an aluminum alloy frame.

However, Roadster V2 is designed differently than other bikes we have reviewed, and mostly its predecessor, Ride1Up Core-5. How? It has no hand throttle, and the only thing spotted is a small LCD color display. The rider will be able to monitor the distance, battery life and current speed.

Still, Roadster V2 is re-engineered with a dual V-Brake system as opposed to the mechanical brake system found on other ebikes. These can be easy to maintain, however, won’t enjoy the maximum stopping power riders get from disc brakes.

If you’re after aesthetics, polished design, this electric bicycle will definitely appeal. The ebike weight is 32lbs and offers a maximum load capacity of 260lbs. Although R2 claims a range of up to 35 miles (with pedal assist, otherwise 25 miles) from a single charge, this could highly optimistic.

Ride1Up has another very good model by the name Core 5. It is $100 above $1k but if you could afford it, better to choose Core-5 due to its enhanced functionalities and good reviews.

Roadster V2 is the lightest electric bike on this list

Key Features

  • Dual V-brake system
  • 500-watt peak, 350W nominal quiet geared Shengyi motor
  • Class 2, pedal-assist
  • LCD color display
  • 36V, 7.0Ah concealed battery
  • Aesthetics; polished aluminum alloy frame design.


4. ANCHEER Hummer 27.5″ 500W Electric Mountain Bike

Looking for the best electric bike for the money? The ANCHEER 500W Electric Bike is a brand that earns an honorable mention. Given that this model is priced not only under $1000 but also under $900, it’s super-efficient and offers great performance.

ANCHEER 27.5-Inch ebike is powered by a 500-watt high-speed brushless motor. The power is more than enough to tackle any terrain and increase hill-climbing power. For your daily commute, this machine guarantees a favorable riding experience.

In between rides, there’s a large 48V 10Ah battery, which can get you up to 22mph. The rider can enjoy most trips to and from work, plus a full-day adventure. Since the battery is removable, you charge it from home for convenience.

Just like other valued ebikes, this well-built with a durable aluminum alloy frame. As a result, the vehicle weight is 55 lbs, meaning that you can store and carry it with you when camping.

For professionals, the bicycle offers a maximum speed of 22mph or 36km/h. With decent battery life, you can ride pretty fast at a mileage of 35km throttle mode and 60km pedal assist mode. Nonetheless, the range can be affected by rocky and bumpy trails, gradient, load capacity and mode of use. The bike also features an LCD display that shows various parameters like battery level, speed, mileage, etc.

Apart from that, the 26” wheels ensure remarkable stability to withstand adverse conditions. The aluminum rims and frames are strong enough to support and load capacity of around 330lbs.

This bike is ideal for starters, the Shimano 21 speed system everything to brag about. Whether you want to ride fast, slowly, or effortlessly – it’s you to decide.

You can also buy this bike from their official website here

Key features

  • 500-watt high-speed brushless motor
  • Shimano 21 speed system
  • Load capacity and weight is 330lbs and 55lbs respectively
  • Maximum speed: 22mph or 36km/h
  • Throttle mode and pedal-assist mode
  • 48V 10Ah battery


5. Espin Nero Fat Tire Sport Utility Ebike

An absolute thrill! The Espin Nero Utility bike has gained raves from lots of cyclists due to its sleek, minimalist design that appeals. Well, the compact, removable lithium-ion battery is well integrated and well-disguised into the frame.

Undoubtedly, even the hipster of riders/ commuters will feel comfortable on this bike. One of its distinguished selling points is how lightweight your electric bike is. Standing at just 5’4” to 6’4″, the bike is suitable for a wide range of cyclists.

Equipped with a 500-watt Geared Hub Motor, it provides more than enough power to accomplish endless adventures. Together with a Motor Torque of 65 Nm, you can bring your useful cargo with you while gliding over different terrains.

Its ability to beat a maximum speed of 25mph brings the confidence of featuring anywhere. This is supported by outfitted all-terrain tires that awesomely take this sophisticated bike over any surface – snow, dirt, pavement, or sand.

Perfect for every road

The Espin Nero offers an estimated minimum range of 25 miles and a maximum range of 50 miles per charge. Regardless, the range will truly depend on gradient, outdoor temperatures, weather conditions, the weight of the cyclist, and type of use.

What about the stopping power? This budget- automobile utility ebike has powerful mechanical disc brakes (appx. 188 mm) that bring you to a quick stop, safety and control.

Finally, the Nero Bike’s LCD display screen functions as your guiding light whether at night or during traffic. So, don’t shy off to bring your riding experience to the next level.

Key Features

  • Outfitted 26×4 terrain tires
  • 500-watt Geared Hub Motor
  • Huge 14.5 Ah 696 Wh battery
  • Amazing build quality
  • A maximum speed of 25mph & estimated 50 miles of range
  • Powerful mechanical disc brakes & LCD display

At the time of writing this article, the price of this bike was $999 but it has now increased a bit. But you can save $150 by using the coupon below. Even after the coupon, the price might be slightly over 1k but given the features, this ebike is definitely worth an additional few hundred dollars.

Note: Use the discount code ‘ESPINSQUAD-GFORGADGET‘ to get $150 off on your cart value


6. Ecotric Fat Tire Affordable Electric Bike

Ecotric Electric is the best eBike under 1000 bucks for casual weekend rides. First of all things, this hybrid bicycle features both throttle mode and pedal-assist for tackling all types of terrain. Thankfully, the 4-inch tires are astounding to ride along with the mud, sand, snow, trails with ease.

The bike is more sophisticated and sleek-looking than the models we’ve reviewed, yet considerably cheaper. Under $1000, you’re getting an aluminum alloy frame with an ergonomic, linearness design.

A robust 500W brushless rear motor together with a removable lithium battery provides powerful power. When fully charged, this pure battery can keep you riding up to 35 miles. At the same time, you’ll enjoy a speed of 23mph (32km/h).

Even better, essential components in the package, including an adjustable seat, ergonomic handlebar and strong anti-skidding tires make it versatile even in complex topography. To pre-assemble, you need to pay more attention to the details of all components.

Safety and security are worth mentioning. The mechanical braking system and outage braking system perform along lines to offers safety for your long road trip. Ecotric’s 7-speed system boosts an individual independent space – lets you enjoy the free travel.

Clogging in at 55lbs, you can easily carry it as soon as you face harsh conditions. Without forgetting its load capacity of 250lbs, it can match the weight of many riders. The range varies with respect to your weight and electric motor assistance.

The rear rack can be purchased separately

Key Features

  • Both walks assist and pedal assist are included
  • Robust 500W brushless rear motor, aluminum alloy frame
  • Outage and mechanical braking systems
  • Weighs 55lbs & 250lbs load capacity
  • 7-speed system
  • 23mph and 35 miles speed and range respectively

Note: If you are buying Ecotric, use the discount code “FOREVER100” to save $100 on any ebike on their website


7. GigaByke Swift Electric Bike

GigaByke 500W ebike made a list as one of the best budget electric bikes today. It’s simple, fast and comfortable for a rider who needs an extra push. Well-known to be quirky and technologically jam-packed, GigaByke Swift is a sure bet.

With the 350-Watt (500 peak) high-torque brushless motor, you can vehemently tackle many terrains, lots of hills and ride on snow, gravel and sand with ease.

Featuring 5 power assist levels, you can try an easy nudge or super boost with any level that suits your riding needs. The built-in throttle makes riding ultimately easy, especially for starters.

Besides, the bike has an aluminium alloy frame, forged alloy PROMAX seat and forged alloy handlebar, which enhances durability over time. In addition, the vintage colorway and kitsch aesthetics make the bike look lustrous through the eyes of potential riders.

Comes in two color variants

Given that its 7.5Ah battery is powerful, you can cover up 25 miles, while its optimal extended range of 10.4Ah helps you to travel up to 35 miles. The top-notch TEKTRO disk brakes located on both rear and front steer the stoppage power and safety. The battery is also removable for off charging. Also, there is an LCD display that shows metrics like battery level, assist, speed, etc.

Some electric bikes are heavy and cumbersome, but GigaByke Bike weighs only 36lbs. That way, you can lift it on and off effortlessly. Transporting it up multiple stairs in your house won’t be pretty back-breaking!

Whatever lifestyle demands, this fan bike has a lot of commuter-friendly attributes to admire about.

Key features

  • 350-Watt (500 peak) high-torque brushless motor
  • Powerful 7.5Ah lithium-ion battery
  • Decent TEKTRO disk brakes
  • The range is 25 miles
  • Weighs ~36lbs
  • Aluminum alloy frame, forged alloy PROMAX seat, forged alloy handlebar
  • 5 power assist levels

As of the time I was writing this post, GigaByke was priced at $1099. I know it is a little over $1000 but the extra $100 is definitely worth its look and lightweight build.


Final Verdict

It was a long post, isn’t it? Anyway, now that you are at the end of this post, it is time for me to offer you my personal recommendation based on different scenarios. I was looking for an electric bike under $1000 for myself, I would definitely, 100%, surely go with Radmission 1 because RadPower is a very reputable company, the reviews are very good and most importantly, the bike has amazing features. It has good power, mileage and aesthetics. These are my primary factors when buying an electric bike. Also, with two variants, this bike is perfect for both men and women.

My second choice is Espin Nero. Even though it is slightly over $1000, the features are well worth the difference. It has got a 50-mile range, good speed and a huge battery. Moreover, the build is rugged to carry heavy payloads. If you are looking for a top-notch bike for the price, Espin Nero is for you.

My third choice is NCM Prague because of its most beautiful and sporty look. Prague has got good mileage, fat tires and rave reviews on Amazon. If you are into sports, this bike is perfect for you.

Coming next is the Roadster V2 by Ride1Up. Like RadPower, Ride1Up is also popular for its high-quality bikes. Roadster V2 is pretty new in the market and has a very lightweight design. If you live in a high storey apartment without a lift, consider getting this one.

To end with, Ecotric and Ancheer bikes are very affordable too. The reason I would avoid them is due to the limitations of their features. It makes sense because those bikes are priced much less than 1000 bucks. In fact, they are under $900. So, if you are looking for a super cheap ebike under $1000, go with Ecotric or Ancheer. GigaByke is super aesthetic but since it is super new to the market, I would wait for a while to see the actual reviews and proceed with it.

There you have it. If you have any other recommendations or have anything to say, let me know in the comments below. Also, if you can afford a bit more, there are better ebike options. You may check out our ebikes under $1500 post for some of the high-performance electric bikes.