Aside from a tasty mug of coffee and a favorable environment, a comfortable office chair is part of a mesmerizing office setup. Unluckily, you simply need to plant yourself in a chair to get the job done. But what makes an office chair great? how to find a feature-packed chair? Well, I spent hours together searching through different chairs, read tons of reviews and decided to write this buying guide with the purpose of helping you make a decision.

The best office chair should be designed with a healthy posture, ergonomics, and build quality in mind. Despite that, choosing the right model is really subjective. Everyone would want a different chair, depending on their needs.

While most people prioritize comfy, some want something that presents a healthy disposition, I included. Either way, you’d want a budget-friendly chair.

With an ergonomic chair, your joints, back, brain, and back will thank you. Our buyer guide narrows down the best office chairs under $500 out there. So, take it with lots of salt.

Let’s get started!

Things to Consider While Buying an Ergonomic Office Chair

Before we dive in to review chairs themselves, it’s a good idea to check out some key things to consider before making a purchase. Otherwise, it will be regret if you buy a chair that is below the standards as per your needs and desires.


Ergonomic is probably the most critical factor in office chairs and should be overlooked before splashing your hard-earned money. Ergonomics are directly related to or correlated with chair comfort. The key aspects here are back support, lumbar, and neck support.

Lumbar support: Many brands claim to embrace this feature, but not all have put in place the mechanism to enhance this. This key feature is aimed to support your entire back at all sitting postures and angles.

Back support: An ergonomic chair should superbly improve your back. People with back problems not only need support but relaxation as well. A chair that comes with a reclining backrest ensures rest for your joints and back muscles.

Shoulder and Neck Support: Always go for a stable, height-adjustable headrest without a second thought. This helps your body to relax and relieves pressure from your shoulder and neck.

Build Quality

Because of the rising demand for office chairs, many manufacturers have styled up their game to address build quality without compromise. Since some are there to gain high profits with sub-standard products, not all will address this factor.

Office chairs are supposed to last for several years as long as they’re taken care of. At no point should you surpass the weight capacity as per the user manual.

Of all, build quality is goes hand in hand with the quality of the material used to construct it. So, it’s good to pick sturdy but light material.


A chair with adjustable armrests and backrests will make a difference. Tall and big people or those with different body shapes should focus on this feature. You can adjust the width, height, and tilt to provide additional support.

If you want to lean or sleep on them, just adjust them to achieve a percent reclining angle.

Our Best Picks of Ergonomic Office Chairs Under $500

All of these chairs are highly rated and are available online. While choosing the chair, I also gave importance to the design and aesthetics along with other basic factors. If you have used any of these or have other recommendations, let me know in the comment section below.

1. ErgoChair 2 Ergonomic Office Chair

ErgoChair 2 is perhaps the most comfortable and ultra-soft chair that your office needs. This chair features ergonomic lumbar support controls to adjust the height and tilt, ensuring a comfortable sitting angle.

Featuring a patented flexible lumber system, the chair uses a sophisticated handle to unlock the required amount of pressure. That way, you can maintain a pain-free posture and a supportive sitting position regardless of your body shape.

With a comfortable foam seat, the chair is more supportive and softer. It’s, therefore, an ideal model for people who suffer from lower back pain and those who spend long hours working in front of their computer.

The Korean Mesh Back Office Chair is light, breathable, and boasts a subtle stretch, which cradles one’s body whenever you decide to take a cat nap or lean back.

Thanks to its depth and height-adjustable headrest – the seat height adjustment helps you rest your head while accomplishing your office software activities. Depth, on the other hand, helps to customize thigh and pelvic support.

People with serious neck issues can’t go wrong with this one. No pain, no strain, only comfortable sitting experience. Its ergonomic design is attractive and charming.

Highlighted Features

  • Breathable, ultra-soft, and comfortable set
  • Patented adjustable lumber system
  • Light, breathable support
  • Height, tilt, and depth-adjustable headrest
  • Ideal for resting your head
  • Ergonomic design


2. NOUHAUS Ergo3D Ergonomic Office Chair

Nouhaus Ergo3D is another good chair under 500 bucks that has rave reviews. It combines comfort, looks, and décor-friendly features that are rarely found in other ergonomic chairs. Despite the many built-in adjustments controls, this chair is still compact and simple, which is incredible.

Ergo 3D employs a rigid and breathable mesh backing, fitted 3D lumbar support system, which is supportive and flexible. Then comes all sorts of adjustments: seat depth, lumber height, tilt control, and of course, seat height.

Even better, it hugs your back completely, reducing pain and compression and aligning your spine. The unique seat design exclusively brings balance throughout the body, reducing fatigue and stress during long working days.

What about the 2 sets of wheels? For people with hardwood floors, the chair feels satisfying as you smoothly glide and move around your space. An additional set of blade castors is also included in the package.

The chair is stocked with 5 durable pint iron base that gives both strength and stability. However, this base adds extra weight to the chair up to 275lbs, making it heavy-duty office furniture.

Even under a thin budget, you’ll enjoy a super-lounge tilt. You’ve got a chance to adjust up to 135 degrees of tilt to achieve your comfort zone. Lounge back or settle back!

The chair is available in 4 beautiful colors – black, brilliant blue, burgundy gray, and white. Garb the one that matches your décor.

Highlighted Features

  • Lumbar support system
  • Décor friendly, adjustable chair
  • Breathable and soft HD mesh
  • Heavy-duty, ergonomic chair (5-pint base)
  • Super lounge tilt up to 135 degrees
  • Available in different colors (4)


3. Smugdesk Ergonomic High Back Office Chair

This ergonomic, high-back chair from Smugdesk is the most versatile and probably the best office chair under $200, let alone $500. It has 3D armrests that can be adjusted left and right, up and down, back and forth, providing the best sitting position.

Perfect for the vast majority who fancy leaning back, the chair embodies a comfortable headrest. This adjustable headrest design offers comfortable positions for your shoulder, neck, and head.

Plus, Smugdest chair borrows features like lumbar support and back support. It easily hugs your back, thus reducing joint problems and spine fatigue. To ease back pain, the model is crafted with a mesh waist pillow.

Just like other top models we’ve reviewed, the chair is fully adjustable. While the armrest offers multiple options, this chair can be lowered and raised alongside tilting for superb comfort all along.

Another fascinating feature is that Smugdesk chair is breathable. The back ventilation and mesh seat keep you cool for long hours in the office by incredibly promoting airflow.

Finally, the chair features wheels made from PU casters. Even on hard floors, the wheels are scratch-resistant. While being stable and durable, the model offers silent movement with 360 degrees of maneuverability.

Costing around 200, this chair is extremely affordable

Highlighted features

  • Breathability and solid base
  • Fully adjustable
  • Lumbar support
  • 3D armrests and comfortable headrest
  • Recline adjust


4. SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair

The SIHOO Ergonomic chars resemble the NOUHAUS Ergo3D in many ways, though comparable ergonomics and a fraction of price. It features several levels of adjustability and functions to conform to any body height and shape, giving you a fantastic mix of support and comfort at well under 500 dollars.

One unique feature of SIHOO is the breathable mesh that promotes airflow. The sturdy wheels, which are made of high-quality materials, move quietly, making it safe for nearly any type of floor. They are also stable and durable.

Even better, you’ll love its modern ergonomic design that comes with remarkable benefits – provides a comfortable sitting angle and protects the spine for sedentary people.

Getting praise from many reviewers and users is SIHOO’s high-density sponge cushion. The seat has incredible resilience and relieves anything related to pain on the buttocks. On the other hand, a chair leg is made from simple and stylish nylon material.

The modern chair’s lumbar support hugs the user’s waist and back area in a comfortable but firm manner, minimizing strain.

Similarly, the adjustable headrest supports the head, cervical spine, and shoulders. In contrast with other models, this chair is easy to assemble. It’s packed with gloves and tools needed for installation. Remember, the purchase has a warranty period of 12 months.

This chair has an aesthetic look and is priced very low

Highlighted Features

  • Modern ergonomic design
  • Adjustable headrest, backrest, and tilting
  • Breathable mesh and durable, quiet wheels
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Impressive rebound cushion and stylish chair leg
  • 1-year warranty


5. Herman Miller Sayl Chair

Sayl Chair is a reputable office chair that everyone suffering from lower back pain needs. The chair showcases everything a great ergonomic chair should have; visually striking, comfortability, exceptional design, hence worth it.

Herman Miller Sayl Chair Review

Trusted and used in thousands of offices, restaurants, homes, and hotels, Bowery has a poly-cotton foam seat, offering a comfortable working environment. Also, the seat strikes a balance between cushiony and design to love about.

It’s wholly adjustable across 4 vectors – from 6-position armrest height and recline position to 5- position seat depth and seat height. The reclining lock feature provides four stunning angles. Just adjust and sit back as per your desires.

Not to mention, it’s a perfect blend of comfort and support. A unique elastomer backrest is supportive. Along with that, it provides the finest breathability and back-conforming for all-day comfort. You’ll also enjoy a 2-year warranty.

An alternative to Herman Miller Sayl is the Bowery Fully Adjustable Management Office Chair. Bowery is a revolutionary new model that’s engineered to accommodate numerous natural body shapes, sizes, and positions, all while protecting and supporting the back.

I know, Sayl is expensive and I believe it is overpriced too. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, check out Bowery Chair. It has a similar design and features.

Highlighted Features

  • Comfortably firm seat
  • Breathable rubber elastomer backrest
  • 5- position adjustable set depths and 6-position adjustable armrest heights
  • Designed for comfort and support
  • 2year warranty