The basic question asked by someone who is purchasing an electric bike is how much power does an eBike need? Well, the answer to that question might not be so simple. With many different variations of batteries like 36V, 48V, etc choosing appropriate power becomes difficult.

In this post, I have tried to explain these power ratings in simple terms with the help of a comparison table. I hope you find some value in this post.

More battery wattage = more power to your bike = more payload capacity

The power of your electric bike completely depends on your wattage i.e higher the wattage of your eBike more is the power. So how to determine this wattage? Well, it is a simple formula.

Watts = Battery voltage × Current in Amps of controller

Electric Bike Battery

For instance, if you are looking at an electric bike with a 36V battery with an 8A controller, you are seeing a 36×8 i.e 288W electric Bike.

What is the difference between 250w, 500w, 750w, 1000w Motor Power

Now you know the basics of power for your eBike, the main factor to consider is your weight, speed, and terrain.

Weight/Speed vs Terrains

If you examine closely both weight and speed are inter-related. More the weight, the lesser the speed. And, the terrain can be a flat surface that doesn’t require much power or a hilly surface that may need a higher power to climb.

So if you are looking for an eBike and your weight is around 100-120lbs, 250W eBike serves your purpose. This is considering you are riding on a flat surface. Now if you are willing to ride on irregular terrains, you will need around 400W of power.

eBike motor (and the disc brake)

Suppose you weigh around 150-170lbs, you will need a ~500W electric bike (36V/12A) such as Ecotric fat-tire eBike on a flat surface. If you love irregular terrains or need more speed then you must use a 750W – 1000W electric bike.

If your weight is above 200lbs, you will need a 700W eBike on a flat surface with a minimum of 1000W and above for hilly regions.

Weight Terrain Power
100-120 lbs (~50kg) Flat Surface 250W
Irregular Terrain 400W
150-170 lbs (~70kg) Flat Surface 500W
Irregular Terrain 750W – 1000W
200 lbs and above (90kg+) Flat Surface 750W
Irregular Terrain 1000W +

Having said that, it is always better to have a test ride before purchasing an eBike so you know the power and speed. To help you decide, we have compared 7 of the best electric bikes ranging from 250W to 1000+ watts.

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