These days, vacuum cleaners are as common as smartphones. They come in different shapes and sizes, power and features. If you go on Amazon, you can probably find more than 10 types. Since the last few years, wireless or cordless (if you may) vacuum cleaners have become overwhelmingly popular. Is it because of the portability or versatility? If you ask me, I would say convenience because in the next few minutes, I am going to give you an idea of what is it to have a cordless vacuum cleaner and if it can do something good.

In this article, I am reviewing Dreametech T30 (also goes by Dreame T30) cordless vacuum cleaner. If you are not aware, Dreametech is a popular vacuum cleaner manufacturer that has been in the industry for a while now. I have seen some of their products on crowdfunding platforms like Indiegogo and they have a good name there which is not so common. I personally like their products because of the aesthetics and elegant design.

Let us see how Dreame T30 performs, its useful features. We shall also see what is good, what is bad and if it is worth buying.

What’s in the Box

Since I received the package from Amazon, the package was huge. Because Amazon loves sending big boxes lol. These are the items you will find inside the package,

  • Vacuum cleaner head (the main part)
  • Attachments (like cleaning heads and brushes)
  • Charger (DC 34 volts, 900mA)
  • Wall mount with screws and sticker
  • User manual

Design and Build Quality

As I mentioned earlier, I like Dreame’s products mainly because of their design and aesthetics. T30 is made of mostly plastic and carbon fiber material. The design is very elegant and the color combination makes it even better. No matter which accessory you put on, the vacuum cleaner looks amazing.

Dreame T30 is super lightweight. You can handle it with only one hand.

About the build quality, I can’t comment much since I haven’t had the product for long. From my first look, I can say that the attachments are pretty sturdy, so are the handle and wheels. I really like how cool the attachment clippers are. You just press it onto the cleaner head and you are good to go. It is so simple and effortless. For this section, I cannot rate anything below 10. So, 10/10.


There are a couple of buttons on the device and a few more open/close attachments that you should know about.

On the display panel, we have two buttons and of course an LCD display

  • The display shows which mode you are on, battery remaining (in terms of minutes and seconds), locked/unlocked status and dust level (in a line graph kinda thing)
  • The self-lock/unlock button – Lets you put the vacuum cleaner into continuous operation so you don’t have to keep pressing the power button to keep the cleaner running. This is a very useful feature. Usage is simple, press this button once and press the main power button. The cleaner goes into continuous on mode.
  • Mode button – With this, you can change the working modes. There are four modes available, auto, eco, med and turbo (more on this later). By pressing the button one or more times, you can change the modes.

On the handle, you have the power button that turns on the cleaner when pressed. You cannot lock it, so you will have to keep it pressed for the cleaner to run. If you are tired of pressing it, make use of the self-lock button on the display panel to turn the cleaner on for however long you want. The DC input plug is on the back of the handle.

On the front side, you have the suction pipe to which you can attach different cleaning heads and brushes. Also, there is a button to open the trash bin. This lets you dump the collected dust without touching the dirty part!

Dust cup holds up to 600 ml, meaning, it is not very small

On the bottom of the handle, you have a clamp to remove the entire dust cup/trash bin. You can remove the cup to wash it or replace the filter.

The filter is washable and reusable

On the bottom of the handle, you also have a button to remove the battery. If you have a spare battery, you can easily swap them with one click. You press that button and pull the battery behind, that’s it.

How to Assemble?

Assembly is very simple because the main device (cleaner) comes pre-assembled with a battery, dust cup, filter, etc. It was also charged when I got mine. But you will have to put the attachments though. It is very easy to do that. One end of the attachment goes directly into the suction pipe on the cleaner. Align the pipe and push it hard until you hear the click sound. To detach it, just press the button on the attachment and slide it down.

We have different buttons and smart operations. The assembly is super simple too. So, I would give 8/10 here and 10/10 for smart features like self-lock, bust graph, etc.

Cleaning and Suction Power

Believe it or not, this is the only vacuum cleaner I have at home. So, my entire one-bedroom apartment relies on it. Fortunately, Dreame T30 was able to suit my needs. Although it takes me a couple of charges to fully clean my apartment, the end result is satisfying because it is powerful enough to get rid of all the dust, hair and junk lying on the floor.

This vacuum cleaner has 27kPa suction with up to 190AW suction power. Tbh, I have no idea what these numbers mean!

Personally, I never use this in the eco mode because it does nothing. I prefer medium if not turbo mode. The problem with turbo mode is that you will have to be quick. If you turn it on and decide to chill a bit, the battery will be waiting to say goodbye.

If I am cleaning my apartment once a week, I use medium if not auto mode. If it is once in a couple of weeks, then turbo for sure.

Auto mode is actually helpful because the device adjusts the power based on the dust level

In turbo mode, I have tried sucking up my smartphone, a box full of mixed nuts (I lied, it was only 25% full) and a couple of stuff that weighed around 200-300 grams. So, I can say the suction power is pretty good.

Overall, I am happy with the performance. At the end of the day, all I care about is whether or not this cleaner gets rid of dust and hair from my place. So far, it is doing the job very well. I would give a 9/10 for cleaning and 9/10 for quiet operation.

Don’t worry about the noise, Dreametech T30 is impressively quiet


Vacuum cleaner attachments are like human hands and legs. Without them, life gets very difficult. With Dreame T30, you get 5 main attachments (main means direct vacuum head or brush) and 2 supporting attachments (these are the elbow joints)

I have no idea what the exact names of these attachments are. So, please bear with my made-up names lol.

  1. Main V-shaped roller brush: I use this mainly to clean floor (both wooden and carpet) and pretty much any flat surface with a large surface area

    The brush has comb like teeth that prevents hairs from wrapping around the roller

  2. Mini electric brush – This is good for cleaning sofas, chair, bed, etc
  3. Soft dusting brush – I use this to clean keyboards, table, wall edges and mainly, the interiors of my car
  4. 2 in 1 brush nozzle – You can move the brush up and down but I have no idea how to make use of it. I think this attachment is helpful for cleaning cars too.
  5. Crevice nozzle – This one is so cool because there is an LED light on the very end of it. This attachment is useful for cleaning tight spaces.
  6. Flexible extension hose and elbow bend – These are supportive accessories. These go in between the brush and the cleaner. The Elbow bend is useful when you are cleaning the bottom of your furniture or bed. It is like converting the vertical vacuum cleaner into a horizontal one.

Forgot to mention, you also get a wall mount that you can fix to your wall with the help of the screws provided. I haven’t done it yet but it does not take much time. The wall mount helps to keep the cleaner and its accessories organized.

P.S. You can use this vacuum cleaner without any attachments too. Be careful, you don’t want to vacuum your earbuds while cleaning your computer table haha.

We have so many attachments and all of them are useful in one or the other way. So, I would give 10/10 for this part.


Since this is a wireless vacuum cleaner, the battery is the heart of it. Dreame T30 features a 2900mAh rechargeable battery. Personally, I think 2900mAh is way too low because think about it, even a decent smartphone these days will have more than that. Although the battery is enough to keep the cleaner running for about 1.5 hours (in low-power or eco mode), it was not powerful enough to clean my entire apartment (1b1b). I use turbo mode almost all the time but the battery duration is only about 7 minutes, which sucks.


The battery can be charged by the 34V charger included in the package. It uses DC plug. Why so old school, Dreamtech? I really wished it had USB C or something advanced.

It took about 1.5 hours to go from 0% to 50% and about 2 hours and 15 minutes to fully charge. Are you kidding me? My OnePlus 6 smartphone has a 3300mAh battery and it takes less than 2 hours to fully charge. Fast charging is something this vacuum cleaner definitely lacks.

For battery and charging, I cannot give more than 6, so 6/10.

Editor’s Verdict

Okay, these are the features I loved/mainly use.

  • Good suction power (Turbo mode cleaning rocks)
  • Smart cleaning mode and dust level indicator
  • Auto-lock (I use this all the time)
  • Low noise
  • Different attachments for various purposes
  • Big plus – Cleans my car without requiring a power socket

Things I dislike/rarely use,

  • The battery life sucks, so is the charging duration
  • The charging port is DC, I wish there was USB C or something similar
  • Eco mode is good for nothing

Now that you’ve seen how Dreame T30 cordless vacuum cleaner works and what the features are, it is time to decide whether or not this is actually worth buying.

With a price tag of around $380, this cleaner is definitely not cheap. On the flip side, you don’t get so many features in other cleaners priced in the same range. Also, when it comes to aesthetics and build quality, I recommend Dreame products 100%. So far, I haven’t come across anything that is a potential deal-breaker. I know the battery is weak but I think the cleaning quality outweighs it. Also, remember, this is a cordless cleaner and it’s not fair to compare it with a corded one.

To conclude, If you have decided to purchase a high-quality cordless vacuum cleaner, you can’t go wrong with this. The suction power and smart features definitely make this one unique. On the flip side, if you are more into battery duration or hard on the budget, you may skip this one. I am sure there are many cheaper ones that do the same job like this but at the cost of your time!

If you have devices to purchase this vacuum cleaner, you can save some money by using the coupon code DREAMET3029 (saves you 10%). The code is valid till July 1st, 2021.

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