In the modern world, convenience and automation have become a necessity. Especially when it comes to houses, smart home has become a trending topic. One such gadget that brings innovation to window coverings is Smart Curtain Robots.

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There are two big players when it comes to curtain robots. One is SwitchBot which recently launched its new product Curtain 3 and Aqara with its E1 smart curtain controller. Let us quickly dive into the comparison between the two.

Let us have a look at side by side comparison between SwitchBot 3 and Aqara E1 Curtain Robots

SwitchBot 3 Aqara E1
Compatible Curtain Track Rod, U Rail, I Rail Rod, U Rail, I Rail
Compatible Curtains Grommets, Ring Top, Table Top, Back Tab Grommets, Ring Top
Noise Two Modes:
Quiet Mode <=25dB
Performance Mode <=42dB
Performance Mode <=48dB
Curtain Weight Support Rod: 15kg
U Rail: 16kg
I Rail: 15kg
Rod: 12kg
U Rail: 12kg
I Rail: 8kg
Battery Life 8 Months 1 Year
Connectivity Android app, iOS app, Matter over bridge, Bluetooth, Google, Amazon, Apple, Home Assistant Android app, iOS app, Matter over bridge, Zigbee, Google, Amazon, Apple, Home Assistant
  • Automatic Calibration
  • Local Control (Bluetooth)
  • Remote Control (Hub)
  • App Control
  • Voice Control (Hub)
  • Automation
  • Light Level Automation
  • Schedules
  • Pull to Move
  • NFC
  • Automatic Calibration
  • Local Control (Zigbee)
  • Remote Control (Hub)
  • App Control
  • Voice Control (Hub)
  • Automation
  • Light Level Automation
  • Schedules
  • Pull to Move
Manual Rod Version

U Rail Version

Rod Version

Rail Version

Hub SwitchBot Hub 2

SwitchBot Hub Mini

Hub M2

Camera Hub G3

Accessories Solar Panel


Instead of going through each of the specs, delving directly into differences makes more sense.

SwitchBot Curtain 3 supports more variety of curtains compared to Aqara A1. Also, unlike Aqara, SwichBots support extendable rods and curvy rails along with tabletop and back tab curtains. Furthermore, SwithBot, although compact compared to Aqara, has more thrust and supports a larger weight. Please check all the compatibility details of SwithBot and Aqara carefully before purchasing.

Switchbot Curtain 3 box contents

With the new robot, SwitchBot has introduced a new mode called QuietDraft which is their trademark. When activated, the curtain robot moves slowly, thus reducing the noise. However, Switchbot warns that the battery tends to drain quicker with this mode.

Along with SwithBot Curtain 3, there’s been a new Solar Panel 3 with USB C charging capability and a stiff arm. These arms help you to orient and tilt the Solar Panel so that you get sufficient sunlight to charge your SwitchBot. It also comes with a light sensor which helps you measure the sunlight and optimise the charging in the best possible way. Aqara E1 misses both of these features.

SwitchBot Solar Panel 3
SwitchBot Solar Panel 3 (Img Src: SwitchBot)

Aqara E1 has better battery life and Zigbee connectivity but chops off the traditional Bluetooth connectivity. Even though NFC is not available directly via the Aqara App, it can use NFC tags via other systems.

As you see, both SwitchBot Curtain 3 and Aqara E1 offer most of the smart connectivity and features. Some of the feature requires a smart hub. Each one has its own ecosystem built with SwitchBot going the extra mile with open API. Well, how you use these open APIs depends on your creativity and knowledge but it does open up an opportunity for third-party products to offer extra elements.

SwitchBot vs. Aqara: Which one to choose?

The cost difference is almost negligible with SwitchBot being a tad cheaper than Aqara. Let us check what would you lose if you purchased SwitchBot Curtain 3?! A longer battery life and a Zigbee connectivity. But you would get a bigger curtain/railing support, a quieter experience, solar charging (with extra cost of course) and unlimited opportunity with APIs. So I think opting for the SwitchBot Curtain 3 over the Aqara E1 is an absolute no-brainer.

SwitchBot Curtain 3 SwitchBot Curtain 3 Check Price
Aqara E1 Aqara E1 Buy Here