Electricity has become our prime need today. Be it to charge your gadgets or to do your dishes up till cleaning your house, electric power is the A to Z. With so many gadgets around us, it has been difficult to keep track of these electricity bills and solar panels are the way to go. Especially when it comes to off-grid applications in RVs or camping trucks, having solar panels will provide you flexibility for your stay and cheaper source of electricity considering its maintenance.

With the popularity of solar power growing day by day, there has been plenty of companies or manufacturers such as HQST, Renogy, Newpowa, Windy Nation, etc. producing some exceptional solar panels. In this comparison, we are going to see how two of the best solar panel manufacturers i.e HQST vs Renogy compete face to face in the category of 100W Monocrystalline Solar Panels.

Lets cut to the point. Make sure to check out the models being compared in this article.

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First Look

Both HQST and Renogy Solar Panels look exactly the same as if they are clones (I think they are). They house the same diode box and frame quality is exactly the same. They are sturdy and compact. HQST solar panels got additional mounting points at the corners which I feel is pretty helpful for mounting.

Physical Specifications

Renogy HQST
Dimensions 41.6 x 20.7 x 1.4 in 35.6×25.9×1.2 in
Weight 14.3 lbs 14.3 lbs
Type  MonoCrystalline MonoCrystalline
Mount Ready Pre Drilled Holes Pre Drilled Holes

There is no much difference when it comes to physical specs. They weigh exactly the same and dimensions are somewhat identical. For a 100W solar panel, they are compact. Both these are monocrystalline which are highly energy-efficient and durable. These come with pre-drilled holes and ready to be mounted.

Technical Specifications

Let us look at how both of these solar panels Renogy and HQST stand against each other in terms of technical specifications.

Renogy HQST
Max Power 100 W 100W
Price Per Watt $1.1/W $0.8/W
Optimum Voltage 17.1 V 18V
Optimum Current 6.4 A 5.58A
Open Circuit Voltage 21.5 V 21.3V
Short Circuit Current 6.1 A 5.83A

Renogy and HQST both are 100W solar panels. The cost per watt of Renogy is slightly greater than HQST but is compensated by the max current output.  There isn’t much difference to contrast when you actually try to compare.

HQST vs Renogy Solar Panels: Which one to consider?

Both of these solar panels have got excellent reviews on Amazon and are manufactured by reputed companies. Even the specifications don’t differ much, so I would pick the one based on cost.

Comparing HQST and Renogy, HQST’s 100W panels look more pocket friendly saving you around $35. If you plan to expand your wattage in the future by combining these panels, the HQST solar panels significantly cost less compared to Renogy.

But….Renogy has a good name in the solar panel industry. Their brand has many products including power stations, off-grid solar kits, and whatnot. So, going with Renogy might lose you some money but you may receive better customer service and support in case if something goes wrong.

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