There are hundreds of gadgets on the market. They range in different categories, prices and features. Over the years, I have come across so many tech products but every time I see an overpriced device, I wonder what makes it so expensive. Is it the technological features or the brand or just the lack of competition? On the other hand, there are few products that are expensive but the price is worth their features. For example, an electric bike. Expensive electronics like eBikes prove to be a great way to save your time and money in the long run.

In this article, I am going to list some of my favorite ‘expensive’ gadgets that are worth buying. If you are looking for affordable tech gifts, check out our gadgets under $500 and gadgets under $200 articles.

  • 1. Vespera Smart Portable Telescope

    Whether or not you are a space enthusiast, this gadget is going to make you one. Vespera, a futuristic smart telescope that can be controlled with your phone to take stunning images of stars and galaxies of millions of light-years away. Yes, you heard that right, you can take pictures of galaxies that are hundreds of millions of miles away. Vespera Smart Portable Telescope Vespera is fully automated, all you have to do is pair it with your smartphone, choose a co-ordinate to focus on and start the process. The initialization takes about 3 minutes and once that's done, the telescope takes a series of images of the star/galaxy and overlaps them on top of one another to create a bright final image. Vespera Smart Portable Telescope App2 The smartphone app is mandatory to use this telescope. The app gives you recommendations on what to see based... [More info]

    Features You May Like
    • Fully Automated with auto-initialization, auto-alignment, auto-tracking, auto-focus
    • Portable Telescope (11 lbs)
    • Smartphone Controlled
    • Optical Image (no digital manipulation)
    • Internal Battery (5 hrs)
    • Addon Filters Available

  • 2. Ecoflow Delta Pro – This is a Power Juggernaut

    Portable power generators have been gaining popularity lately and if you are in the field, you will have heard of Ecoflow products. Ecoflow has been manufacturing some of the most aesthetic, smart and high-quality power stations. Till now, I have tested more than 5 power...... [More info]

  • 3. Urtopia Carbon 1 – The Most Futuristic eBike You’ll Find

    Carbon fiber material, unique design, inbuilt GPS, belt drive, smartphone app, and so on and so forth. This electric bike is one of a kind. The Carbon 1s e-bike provides a thrilling adventure experience with its 350W 45Nm motor allowing speeds up to 25mph. Designed with a variety of assist levels and gears, riders can opt for an intense workout or a relaxed cruise. Its adaptability extends to different terrains, enhancing ride range and uphill capability. Notably, this e-bike weighs only 33lbs/15kg due to its full carbon construction. Its innovative features include GPS tracking via a 4G connection, ensuring security and a screen for cellphone-free navigation. Read my in-depth review of Carbon 1 here...

    Features You May Like
    • Speeds up to 25mph
    • 350W 45Nm motor
    • 4 assist levels x 7 gears
    • Wide terrain capabilities
    • Gates carbon belt drive (Carbon 1 variant)
    • Quiet and smooth ride
    • Maintenance-free with a lifespan rated at 19,000 miles
    • Full carbon body weighing only 15kg
    • 4G-connected GPS tracking with 30-day coverage

  • 4. Capstone Touch Screen Smart Mirror

    Mirrors are too common, how about a smart mirror that runs on Android, has a touch display and in-built speakers? Meet Thin Cast. Unlike many other smart mirrors on the market, this one uses Android OS which means you can install any android app on this mirror. It comes with a clean OS, no bloatware, no useless apps. But please note that some apps/games that make use of gyroscope and other sensors will not work on this mirror. The mirror has a touch display that can display anything, including a Youtube video, movie or your health stats. It is also equipped with speakers so you can... [More info]

    Features You May Like
    • Android OS
    • Touch Enabled
    • Built-in Speakers
    • Smartphone Screen Mirroring (both android and ios)
    • Bluetooth Enabled
    • Power Bank support

  • 5. DJI Mavic Air 2 Multi-purpose Drone

    A drone is an expensive gadget but it is one of the coolest things anybody can get. I know it because I have purchased not one but two drones, a DJI Mavic Pro and a DJI FPV. When you get a drone, you are not just getting an electronic toy but a gateway to a different perspective. The first few flights are nervous but once you get the hang of it, you will be able to explore different views and perspectives of the places around you.   DJI undoubtedly has some of the coolest and smartest drones on the market. They have drones in different price ranges but if you are a hobbyist, I recommend getting Mavic Air 2 which is lightweight, easy to use and takes stunning pictures and 4K videos. For advanced users who like playing around with their drones, I recommend DJI FPV....

    Features You May Like
    • 48MP Camera with 4K Video Recording
    • 3 Axis Gimbal
    • Up to 34 minute of flight time
    • ActiveTrack 3.0 (intelligent tracking feature)
    • Foldable and lightweight

  • 6. Samsung 49-Inch CRG9 Curved Monitor

    The Samsung CRG9 monitor is one of the must-have work from home gadgets for people who prefer a lot of screen real estate for their job. It more than does the job of dual traditional 16:9 aspect ratio monitors, meaning you can replace a typical dual monitor desk setup with just one of these screens. Additionally, this single monitor combines all the screen space of dual 16:9 displays without a bezel disrupting the point where content merges between the two screens. The curved nature of the screen means the 49-inch display conveniently fits in less horizontal space than a comparably sized flat display. The rest of the monitor's features read like a high-quality screen wishlist including a 120Hz refresh rate and 1,000 nits peak brightness. The screen also supports HDR, so it is a viable choice for in-depth color correction or adjustment in both video and photo editing. The monitor also doubles as a top-tier gaming accessory, so if that applies to you this monitor is an easy expense to justify. If you are a coder, a wide screen monitor like this ups your game. I use 49 inch monitor myself and it makes multi-tasking so...

    Features You May Like
    • 49 Inch Screen Size
    • Curved QLED Display
    • QHD Quality
    • 120Hz Refresh Rate
    • Aspect ratio is 32:9
    • 1,000 nits brightness
    • Multiple input ports

  • 7. Audio Technica ATH-WP900 headphones

    Audio Technica showcased a range of its newest products at CES 2020 including the WP900 High-Resolution Headphones. ATH WP900 has 53 mm drivers that are exceptional in quality. The headphone has a Japanese maple housing which makes it one of the coolest looking headphones I have seen. The audio quality of WP900 is phenomenal. Believe me, it is way better than Sony's wh-1000xm3 headphones or Bose 700 headsets. WP900 is not wireless but comes with detachable cables. The headset is very lightweight but not foldable. If you have some extra bucks to spend, you can't go wrong with these headphones.... [More info]

    Features You May Like
    • 53 mm Driver
    • DLC (diamond-like carbon) Coated
    • Swivel-flat design
    • Wooden Housing

  • 8. LaserPecker 2 – Handheld Laser Engraver & Cutter

    If you are in the market for the best laser engraver, you must have heard about LaserPecker. They are a company that has been producing laser engravers for a while now and with their new product LaserPecker 2, they are more popular than ever. As the second laser engraver project by Laser Pecker, the LaserPecker 2 has received a ton of upgrades, making it one of the best commercial laser engravers in the market. If you want to check out our review of their previous version, visit here. The following are the most notable features of the LaserPecker 2 engraver:

    Greater versatility at a budget-friendly price

    The LaserPecker 2 engraver can be used for engraving or cutting, and you can buy it without breaking the bank.

    Superfast engraving

    With an engraving speed of 600mm/s and a rocket-fast preview speed of 3750mm/s,... [More info]

    Features You May Like
    • 5W laser engraver
    • Engraving speed up to 600mm/s
    • 360° Cylindrical rotating engraving
    • Max 100*2000mm engraving area
    • Works on almost any material
    • Powerful laser cutting
    • Fits in a backpack

  • 9. Clicbot Educational Robot Kit

    As I was wandering around the convention center in Las Vegas, a bunch of tiny robots was singing and dancing with one another without the intervention of any human. I went ahead to check them out and they are none other than Clicbot robots, tiny little but smart robot toys made specifically for educational/STEM purposes. Look how cool their futuristic-looking head is! Click bot is a modular robot that can be turned into almost anything, be it a car or a pole. You can attach legs, hands, and whatnot. Clicbot robot is programmable and it supports Python coding language. It comes with a rechargeable battery that lasts upto 2 hours of use. It can be controlled via a mobile app. Clicbot is a family robot and it suits teenage kids very well. ... [More info]

    Features You May Like
    • Modular Design
    • Battery-powered
    • App-controlled
    • Comes with a Cool Display

  • 10. Samsung – The Freestyle Smart Portable Projector

    Samsung announced their new smart projector, the Freestyle at CES 2022 and the product went viral quickly due to its cool features. The Freestyle projector is so smart that it can optimize screen size, autofocus and image angle/level. So, if you were to point it to a curved wall or surface, this projector automatically levels the image to make it look like you are in a movie theater! Samsung Freestyle has a full HD (1080p) resolution and 550 lumens color brightness. With a contrast ratio of 300:1, you can expect detailed pictures. Weighing just 1.8 pounds, this projector is very portable. The projector also has a 180-degree design and you can turn it in any direction you want,  you can even hook it to a ceiling and project something onto your floor. The Freestyle projector supports different streaming apps, music apps, etc. It supports voice assistants too. Moreover, equipped with stereo speakers, the projector sends the audio in every direction, giving you an immersive experience. The Freestyle is an expensive tech gift but it is worth its useful features....

    Features You May Like
    • 1920 x 1080 Resolution
    • 550 lumens brightness
    • 300:1 contrast ratio
    • Amazon Alexa built-in
    • Weighs 1.8 pounds

  • 11. Furrion eRove – Off-Grid Electric Cooler

    Furrion eRove is a battery-powered cooler that provides multiple functionalities for your outdoor uses. You get tons of features, and safety for your drinks and food wherever you are. So what makes it a good buy?

    Single Charge Functionality

    The Furrion eRove cooler only requires a single charge, and you get up to 5 days of usage. The ePod battery is swappable, and you also have the option of solar charging. You do not have to be next to a power outlet to get functionality out of it. Energy consumption is low, and you have control over how much power you use.


    The cooler is compact and easy to move around. Although it weighs around 68 pounds, its two wheels eliminate the need to haul it physically from location to location. This is very helpful when you are camping at a location away from... [More info]

    Features You May Like
    • 50 Quarts Capacity
    • Keeps Cold for Up to 5 Days (without ice)
    • Removable Battery
    • Temperature Range -8° F to 50° F
    • Integrated USB Ports
    • Can Charge via Solar Panel
    • Weighs 62 lbs / 28 kgs

  • 12. WOWCube – Digital Cube with Games and Apps

    WOWCube is hands-on the coolest gadget I saw at CES. It's got this really bright, vivid display, smooth motion and fun games. Advertised as a STEM gadget, Wowcube can stimulate your brain and improve your cognitive functions. It is a 2 X 2 cube with digital displays on all sides. You can use the blocks to show some cool animation, news, stock alerts and whatnot. In the gaming mode, each block shows a... [More info]

    Features You May Like
    • Redefine Gaming
    • Real World Interactions
    • 24 Individual Screens
    • Decorative Purposes
    • Widgets
    • Education

  • There you have it, some of my favorite gadgets that are quite expensive but are worth the price. If you are looking for an expensive tech gift for your loved ones, you can definitely take a look at these products. If you have any cool product ideas or recommendations for us, let me know in the comments below and I will make sure to check them out.