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How to Use Your Car Battery for Emergency CPAP Backup

CPAP(continuous positive airway pressure) therapy is used for people who suffer from sleep apnea. But this should not stop people from traveling. So you must be prepared for emergencies. What if you are stuck in a car for some reason without any backup? Can you…

Segway dirt eBike Comparison

Segway X160 vs X260 Dirt Electric Bike: In-Depth Comparison

Off-Roading is the ultimate experience provided you have a suitable dirt bike to elevate your adventures. Today eBikes have occupied most of the off-road biking market. Apart from being compact, lightweight, affordable, eBikes are completely eco-friendly giving you that extra satisfaction. I have compared the…


How Much Power Does an eBike Need?

The basic question asked by someone who is purchasing an electric bike is how much power does an eBike need? Well, the answer to that question might not be so simple. With many different variations of batteries like 36V, 48V, etc choosing appropriate power becomes…