There are so many power stations available in the market but only a handful of them offer 2000W+ power capacity. In this article, we are gonna have a look at two high-capacity battery generators. The flexibility of these power stations is unbelievable. Ranging from your home applications to camps, they serve as an alternate source of electricity. Let us have an in-depth comparison of Bluetti AC200P (2000W/2000Wh) and Goal Zero Yeti 1500X (2000W /1516Wh).

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The exact models I am comparing in this article are as below

What’s in the box?

Bluetti AC200P

  • Bluetti AC200P Power Station
  • AC Adapter: 400W
  • Car Charger: 12V/ 24V
  • PV Solar Charging Cable
  • XT90 To Aviation Plug
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card

Goal Zero Yeti 1500X

  • Yeti 1500X Portable Power Station
  • 120W Power Supply (AC Wall Charger)
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card

First Impressions

Aesthetics is the least important factor when it comes to power stations. Bluetti is not as aesthetically pleasing as GoalZero. With a neon green, black and silver color combination, GoalZero Yeti 1500X looks cool. Also, it comes with a carry handle on either side.

On the other hand, Bluetti AC200P has black/silver color combination with its brand name on the front. Instead of handles, slots are given on either side to carry around.

Goal Zero weighs 45.64lbs whereas Bluetti AC200P weighs just around 60.6lbs.

Find the number of ports and their power rating in the below table.

Yeti 1500X Bluetti AC200P
AC Power Outlets 2 Ports 2000W each 6 Ports 2000W each
USB Ports 2 Ports 5V 4 Ports 5V
USB C Ports 1 60W PD In/Out, 1 Quick Charge Port(18W) 1 60W PD
DC Port 12V 13A Car Port 12V 10A Car Port, 2* DC 12V/3A, 1*DC12V/25A
Wireless Charging Port 2*Wireless Charging (Max 15W)
Solar/DC Input Port 14 – 50V / 10A 16 – 60V / 10A
Digital Display Yes Yes
AC On/Off Switch Yes Yes
DC On/Off Switch Yes Yes
Overload Protection Yes Yes

Bluetti has too many ports where you can power 17devices simultaneously. Also, Bluetti has 2 wireless charging ports which are rare. Yeti has got standard ports covered but fails to compete against Bluetti.

Bluetti AC200P vs GoalZero Yeti 1500x

Battery Capacity and Power

We have been explaining how battery capacity and power capacity are important in their own terms. Both Yeti 1500x and AC200P offer a power capacity of 2000W allowing you to run almost all devices.

The battery capacity of Bluetti AC200P is quite more compared to Goal Zero which means you can run your devices longer. Also, the surge of AC200P is 4800W which quite comfortably outwits Goal Zero’s 3500W.

Goal Zero Yeti 1500x Bluetti AC200P
Power 2000W 2000W
Battery Capacity 1516Wh 2000Wh
Surge 3500W 4800W



Both Bluetti and Yeti support multiple charging methods. Have a look at the below table to have an idea of charging time.

  Goal Zero Yeti 1500x Bluetti AC200
AC Wall Outlet ~14 Hours for a full charge (120W) ~3 Hours for a full charge (2x400W)
Solar Panel 1200W (Boulder 200W X 6panels): 3 Hours Supports 700W Panel (~5Hours)

Bluetti also supports various charging methods like Lead-acid batteries, gas generators, cars, etc

Note that Yeti comes with a 120W charger which takes 14 hours to charge whereas it supports up to 600W and takes just 3 hours for a full charge.

Lithium-ion batteries degrade if charged too quickly. Goal Zero is said to have 500 charge cycles whereas Bluetti advertises 3500 charge cycles which is huge.

Bluetti AC200P Wireless charging


The following table gives you an idea of AC200P and Yeti 1500x in performance.

Appliance Yeti 1000 Bluetti AC200P
Laptop (80W) 16+ times 25+ Times
LCD TV (150W) 10 Hours 13 Hours
Smartphone (8W) 170+ Times 250+ Times
Desktop Computer (200W) 7 Hours 10 Hours
Ceiling Fan (52 W) 25 Hours 35 Hours
Microwave Oven (1100W) 70 Minutes 100 Minutes
Instant Pot Cooker (1000W) 90 Minutes 120 Minutes
Blender (250W) 6 Hours 8 Hours
Corded Drilling Machine (600W) 2 Hours 3.3 Hours
Washing Machine (900W) 90 Minutes 120 Minutes
Electric Clothes Dryer (1700W) 50 Minutes 1.1 Hour
Toaster (650W) 2 Hours 3 Hours
Electric Kettle (1300W) 60 Minutes 85 Minutes
Portable Refrigerator (70W) 20 Hours 1 Day
Mini Vacuum Cleaner (250W) 6 Hours 8 Hours
Surveillance Camera/Wifi Cam (5W) 10 Days 13 Days
Room AC (4000W)
Window AC (1500W) 3 Hours 4 Hours
Refrigerator (1200W) 70 Minutes 100 Minutes

*Based on efficiency numbers may vary. It is just a rough idea

As explained in the above section, the greater the battery capacity longer your devices run. Hence Bluetti can power your devices longer compared to Yeti.

Bluetti vs GoalZero

Yeti 1500X Vs. Bluetti AC200P: Which one to consider

Both these power stations cost around $1600. The flexibility provided by Bluetti is mind-blowing. Right from battery capacity to a number of ports, wireless charging, etc. Bluetti AC200P has an upper hand. So the choice is a no-brainer.

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If you have any concerns or questions, do leave a comment and I will be happy to answer them.

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