Electric Bikes are becoming one of the main sources of everyday commute. It is not a surprise as it’s a win-win situation for both nature and yourself. With this rise in popularity, there has been competition between tens and hundreds of electric bikes. Choosing among them varies depending on weight, payload, speed, power, and whatnot. To assist you in your choice of eBike, we have compared two of the most popular electric bikes from Rad PowerBikes i.e Rad City 5 Plus vs RadRover 6 Plus.

Before we start with the comparison, if you are looking to buy an electric bike in the near future, you may check our buying guide on ebikes under $1000 and $1500. I did all the research for you and listed some of the best ones in those articles. Off to our comparison now.

The products being compared are as shown below.

RadCity 4 eBike RadCity 5 Plus Commuter eBike Check Price
RadRover 6 Plus Fat Tire eBike Check Price

First Impression

RadCity 5 Plus is a combination of a large aluminum frame with a narrow tire as per the Radbikes standards. With an integrated rack and front headlights, RadCity seems like an all-around commuter bike.

Coming to the RadRover 6 Plus, with a 4″ fat tire, it can drive over any sandy or snowy terrain with a sporty look. RadRover is simple and elegant.

Fat Tire of Rad Rover
Fat Tire of Rad Rover

Physical Features

Let us have a look at the physical features of RadCity and RadRover in detail.

Break, Suspension and Tires

RadCity 5 Plus has a Suntour spring folk 100mm whereas RadRover has its own RST 60mm suspension fork with lockout and preload adjustment. Both of them are powered by 180mm hydraulic disc brakes.

RadRover has a Kenda Juggernaut 26″ x 4″ tire which is a fat tire whereas RadCity uses Custome 27.5″ x 2.0″ tire which is narrow compared to RadRover. The fat tire provides more traction and comfortable even in irregular terrains. Both these tires are puncture-resistant.

RadCity 5 Plus RadRover 6 Plus

Electric Commuter Bike

Electric Fat Bike
Type Commuter eBike Off-Road and On-Road
Frame High Frame/Step-Thru Aluminum Frame High Frame/Step-Thru Aluminum Frame
Brakes 180 mm front and rear Hydraulic Disc Brakes 180 mm front and rear Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Weight 65 lb (with battery)
Battery: 7.6 lb
73.4 lb (with battery)
Battery: 7.7 lb
Pay Load 275 lbs
Rear Rack – 59.5lbs
275 lbs
Pedal Assist 5 Levels with Cadence Sensor 5 Levels with Cadence Sensor
Gear 7-speed gear 7-speed gear
Tire Size 27.5″ x 2″ 26″ x 4″
Both the ebikes have integrated headlights and tail lamps which is good. Also, both come with a lot of bundle options and accessories.


Technical Features

Have a look at the technical comparison between the two electric bikes.

RadCity 5 Plus RadRover 6 Plus
Battery 48V 14AH Lithium-Ion 48V 14AH Lithium-Ion
Motor 750W Brushless Geared Hub 750W Brushless Geared Hub
Max Speed 20mph 20mph
Mileage 25-45 miles 28-50 miles
Charge Time ~6 Hours ~6 Hours
Pedal Assist 5 Levels with Cadence Sensor 5 Levels with Cadence Sensor

If you look at the above table, technically there is not much difference between these two eBikes. Being powered by a 48V 14AH battery coupled with a 750W motor, both eBikes have a 5-level pedal assist and throttle assist with a top speed of 20mps. RadCity and RadRover miss out on fast charging and requires around 6 hours to charge.

The small difference in range is due to weight differences as both eBikes are powered by the same battery. The biggest problem for me in both the eBikes is the use of cadence sensors instead of torque sensors. If you are interested to know the difference, check here.

RadCity vs RadRover: Which one to consider?

Except for tires, both of these bikes are almost identical and choosing one comes down to a simple choice.

If you are looking for an all-around electric bike, for daily commuting, occasional off-roading or utility purposes, go for RadCity 5 Plus. Also, it weighs way less which helps you to carry it around (Highly useful if living in an apartment).

If you are looking for a complete outdoor adventure in irregular terrains, snowy or sandy terrains, choose RadRover 6 Plus. The fat tire provides more grip and is more comfortable like riding on a cushion of air.

If you are open to any eBike, better to look for torque sensor eBikes such as Aventon Aventure 2 or Soltera 2 as they make your riding experience much more pleasant and comfortable.


RadCity 4 eBike RadCity 4 Commuter Version Check Price
RadRover 5 Fat Tire Version Check Price

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