Jackery is a well-known manufacturer of portable battery gadgets. They offer a variety of power stations ranging from 100 to 2000 watts. They have you covered for all your needs with as many as 7-8 variants.

We’re comparing two Jackery power stations in this post: the Jackery Explorer 240 (200W/240Wh) and the Jackery Explorer 500 (500W/518Wh). When selecting a low-cost power station, you are frequently perplexed as to which wattage is optimal. I’ve outlined some of the significant distinctions and things to consider between these two stations to assist you in making your pick.

The exact products that we are comparing in this article are as below,

First Impressions

Since both of these power stations are manufactured by Jackery, they have the same design i.e black and orange color scheme. The Jackery 240 and 500, weighing 6.6 pounds (3 kilograms) and 13.32 pounds (6.04 kilograms), respectively, have a handle on top and can be carried with one hand.

The number of ports in Jackery Explorer 240 is less compared to Explorer 500 as it has low power. There is no DC outputt on Jackery 240 as opposed to Jackery 500 which is having a couple of DC o/p ports.

The number of ports and their power ratings are given in the below table.

Jackery 240 Jackery 500
AC Power Outlets 1 Port 200W 1 Port 500W
USB Ports 2 Port 5V 3 Ports 5V each
DC Port 12V, 10A (Input) 1xDC 12V-10A (Input), 2xDC: 12V-7A (Output)
Solar/DC Input Port 12V-30V (65W Max) 12V-30V (100W Max)
Digital Display Yes Yes
AC/DC On/Off Switch Yes Yes
Weight 6.6lbs(3kg) 13.32lbs(6.04 kg)

Jackery Explorer 240 vs Explorer 500 Port Comparison(left) Explorer 240 vs Explorer 500 (right)

Battery Capacity and Power Capacity

These are the most crucial considerations when buying a power station. While the station’s power capacity determines which appliances and equipment it can power, the battery capacity determines how long such appliances and tools can operate.

Since both the battery and power capacity of Explorer 500 is twice that of Explorer 240, it is no brainer that Jackery 500 can power more devices for a longer period of time. The additional surcharge of 1000W in Jackery Explorer can help you run power tools which is a pretty good feature to have.

Jackery 240 Jackery 500
Power 200W 500W
Battery Capacity 240Wh 518Wh
Surge 400W 1000W

Jackery Explorer 240 vs Explorer 500 Power ComparisonExplorer 240 (on the left) vs Explorer 500 (on the right)


Jackery supports multiple charging methods. Both these power stations are equipped with MPPT charge controllers to assist quick Solar Charging.

Have a look at the below table to have an idea of charging time.

  Jackery 240 Jackery 500
AC Wall Outlet 7 Hours 7.5 Hours
Car Adapter 6.5 Hours 7.5 Hours
Solar Panel 60W Panel 7 Hours 100W Panel (9.5Hours)

Jackery Explorer ChargingCharging time refers as 0-80%

What to Consider? Jackery 240 OR Jackery 500

200W Power Stations are mostly recommended for camping, emergency backup for small electronics and to power CPAP machines. 500W Power Stations offer much more flexibility and can be used to power mini-fridge, TV, air pump etc during your camping. But this flexibility comes with an additional cost.

The cost difference between the above power stations is exactly $300 (as of the date this post went live). It is a huge price difference to pay but you are getting double the power and battery capacity.

If you are mainly looking for a budget solution, Jackery Explorer 240 should serve your purpose. Also, it is half the weight of Explorer 500, making it easy to carry the power station.

If you are looking for an entry-level power station for travel purposes, Jackery Explorer 500 will be a better choice. Having additional Power/Battery capacity is always good. If you are planning to use it for outdoor work, Explorer 500 is a no-brainer.

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