Today the range of electric bikes has significantly grown and there are plenty of companies to choose from be it utility, commute, or off-road eBikes. We have compared different ebikes to help you in your purchase and also created an in-depth buying guide of the best electric bikes that are under $1500 and $1000. Feel free to check them out as they will give you an idea of what to look for when purchasing an ebike.

In this article, I am comparing RadRunner Plus vs Juiced Scorpian X  which are 750W geared hub motor powered utility electric bikes.

The exact models being compared in this article are given below. Make sure you are checking out the right one.

RadRunner Plus Check Price
Scorpian X Juiced Bikes Scorpian X Check Price

First Impression

RadRunner Plus looks like a classic moped from the 70s. This retro-designed eBike comes with a cushioned passenger rack, a LED halo headlight and an LCD display. RadRunner plus has a stand-over height of 16.5″

Scorpian X by Juiced Bikes also features a moped look with a 2000lumen headlight and rear rack compatible for mounting cargo. You will need to purchase a passenger kit separately.

Scorpian X vs Rad Runner PlusScorpian X vs Rad Runner Plus

Physical Features

RadRunner Plus Scorpian X
Type Utility eBike Utility eBike
Frame Aluminum Aluminum
Brakes 180 mm front and rear 180 mm front/160mm rear Hydraulic Disc
Weight 74.3lb 103.2lb
Gear 7-speed gear Shimona 8-speed gear
PayLoad 300lbs 275lbs
Tire Size (inches) 20 x 3.3 20 x 4.25

Both these e-bikes are designed for a ride in town and country without worrying about uneven terrain. Rad Runner Plus sports a 7speed drivetrain with dual disc breaks and weighs 74.3 pounds.

Scorpian on the other side has an 8speed Shimona freewheel for easier pedaling. It has wider tires which will make a ride on uneven terrains slightly easier but suffers on payload capacity and weight compared to RadRunner.

If you are the person staying in an apartment, then weight plays a major role in carrying the eBikes around.

RadRunner Plus

RadRunner Plus with Passenger Cushion

Technical Features

Have a look at the technical comparison between the two electric bikes

RadRunner Plus Scorpian X
Battery 48V 14Ah Lithium-Ion 52V / 15.0 Ah
Motor 750W Geared Hub 750W Geared Hub
Max Speed 20mph 20-28mph
Mileage ~45miles 55 miles
Torque 80nm 85nm

Although the Motor capacity is the same, Scorpian X has a slightly bigger battery capacity. This is actually an improvement from their previous Scorpian model. According to Juiced Bikes, this slight increase in battery will provide +15% extra rage over the traditional 48V/14Ah battery.

Having a bigger battery is an advantage as it not only increases the range but also provides more power and hence better pull/speed. On the downside, the weight considerably increases with bigger batteries.

Juiced Scorpian X

RadRunner Plus vs Scorpian X: Which one to consider?

So the major difference between both these eBikes is the battery. With a bigger battery, Scorpian X provides better range, speed and power at the cost of weight. You are losing a passenger rack cushion and the cost difference is $400.

Buy RadRunner Plus, If:

  • Living in an apartment
  • Need a passenger rack
  • Tight on Budget

Buy Scorpian X, If:

  • Want a bigger battery
  • Not worried about the extra cost, but need better performance


RadRunner Plus Check Price
Scorpian X Juiced Bikes Scorpian X Check Price

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