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After a stressful day, what everyone wishes for is a peaceful sleep. So a bunch of scientists joined together to bring out this smart blanket, Reviv. ” Chill Like a Panda” is what they say. Reviv has so many cool features. Besides being a nano tech Eco-friendly blanket, what makes it different is thermoregulation. Yes, this smart blanket keeps you cool during winter and warm in summer. To increase the comfort, scientists have used glass beads instead of traditional plastic beads. The fabric used is Bamboo Lyocell, which is made from wood pulps through use of nanotechnology.

This one is a perfect pick for your great night’s sleep.




Overworked? Can’t sleep? Got the caffeine jitters? The Reviv blanket was developed by a bunch of stressed out visionaries and scientists to help you chillllll like a panda.

Reviv is made from 100% eco-friendly bamboo with the latest Lyocell Nanotechnology and is perfectly weighted to bring out your inner yogi. It’s even thermoregulated and hypoallergenic—because who doesn’t want to feel awesome year-round?

Get ready for the best sleep of your life.

Best Blankets At about 10% of your body weight, the Reviv blanket helps to relax your central nervous system by simulating the feeling of being hugged. This increases serotonin and melatonin, while decreasing the stress hormone cortisol—making you feel, well, pretty good.

Oh, and you know when your blanket is so soft and silky you kinda want to pet it and tell it it’s been a good boy? Well, that’s how you’ll feel about Reviv. It’s made with quilted stitching and bamboo fabric for a luxurious texture that’ll give you the feels.


Reviv is the very first blanket of its kind to be made with Lyocell Nanotechnology, and that gives it a ton of amazing properties. It’s thermoregulated, antibacterial, hypoallergenic, rich in color, and (most importantly) eco-friendly.

The scientific benefits of using a weighted blanket have been measurably proven to increase relaxation and decrease blood pressure.Other benefits include:

Smart Blanket

Thermoregulated Goodness

The Reviv blanket keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. That’s called thermoregulation, folks. And it’s a pretty sweet feature, if we do say so ourselves. Whether you’re a sweat-er, a shiverer, or a person who complains no matter what the temperature is—the Reviv blanket will be your new best friend.

Every Reviv blanket cover is:

  • Made from eco-friendly Lyocell Bamboo (Say goodbye to itchy fabric and allergens!)
  • Thermoregulated for breathability in summer, warmth in winter
  • Made with 12 internal ties to ensure your blanket stays in place and tangle free
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