ChopBox – A Smart Chopping Board with a ton of features

You may not have heard of the this unusual kitchen gadget but it will be a household name very soon. Meet ChopBox, the miracle gadget that everybody needs!

This smart cutting board is a dual chopping board which will save you space as well as time and money due to its built-in features. A built-in UV sanitizer keeps your utensils germ free by killing off bacteria using UV lights which are built in between the two boards. You can sanitize up to three large knives and bot the cutting boards at the same time, making sure your utensils are disinfected. This feature is safe to use as the UV lights will automatically turn off when the two boards are separated.

Having double boards means no cross-contamination, one for raw meats and the other one can be used for everything else. The fully replaceable main board houses the smaller board.

A set of built-in scales is another fantastic feature of this smart chopping board. It can measure in pounds, kilograms, ounces and grams and can weigh up to a hefty 6.6 pounds.

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This gadget also has a timer which you can set for up to 9 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds which is great when you are doing some slow cooking. Just set it via the control panel and you will know when your food is ready right on time.

The two knife sharpeners, one ceramic stone and one diamond stone make very easy to sharpen your knives as you need. The sharpener slots are on the side of the ChopBox and with the choice of diamond or ceramic stone, you can choose the level of sharpness you need.

The ChopBox is an amazing tool and can save a lot of space in the kitchen as well as cut down the time spent searching for sharpeners and scales. I believe that it is an essential gadget that every kitchen should have.


  • Digital Timer
  • Water Proof
  • Embedded Weighing Scale
  • Knief Sharpeners On the Go
  • Organic Bamboo Board
  • Quick Charging
  • Upto 30 Days Battery Life

Editor's Rating
4.8 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteThis Gadget could potentially save a ton of time, for sure.