Foobot Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Foobot is the first smart air quality monitor that gives users a clear and visual understanding of how good the air quality is in their home and the knowledge to take small steps to improve it; benefitting the whole family’s long-term health. Foobot will alert you beforehand to battle against asthma and other allergies or health concerns with 49 top tips including the best plants to improve air quality.

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Foobot uses internal sensors to check for pollution in the form of chemicals and particulate matter, which are up to five times more common indoors as a result of confinement and alerts you via its companion app and the LEDs on the device itself. The device is sensitive to:

  • PM2.5s – Particulate matter smaller than 2.5 micrometers, like dust, pollen, and pet dander
  • VOCs – Volatile organic compounds, toxic gases like formaldehyde and ammonia. This sensor is also sensitive to carbon monoxide, a potentially dangerous gas.
  • Carbon dioxide – Exhaled naturally from humans. Not itself harmful, but indicative of poor circulation. This is measured via data from other sensors.
  • Humidity – Low humidity can cause irritation. Excessive humidity let mold and dust mites grow.
  • Temperature – Mostly for comfort, but still important to optimize

As per their recent update, this model is not being sold as they are working on an upgraded version. Keep an eye.

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Editor's QuoteWait for their next version as this model is currently discontinued
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