ROLI Songmaker Kit – Create your track anywhere

When I first saw this gadget, I wanted it so bad that I was ready to compromise my laptop for the Seaboard. I was amazed because it can create sounds from any instruments and I really loved it. ROLI Songmaker Kit comes with a seaboard, a light pad, and a loop block. Those blocks are customizable and you can mix and match them. The board is smart and you can connect it to your smartphone or laptop. The pressure-sensitive keys let you create various sounds and music that are not possible with a typical MIDI controller. I would highly recommend checking out this gadget if you are a music lover or hobby musician.


  • 24 Key Seaboard Block
  • Customizable modular system
  • Hundreds of free sounds
  • Software Bundle Included
  • Wireless

Editor's Review
4.5 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteROLI has some of the coolest music gadgets in the world, I particularly like Seaboard
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