ROIDMI X30 Pro Cordless Mop & Vacuum Cleaner Combo

After success with their Nex Storm vacuum cleaner, ROIDMI is back with a new product called X30 Pro. ROIDMI X30 Pro is an innovative mop and vacuum cleaner combo, whose aim is to eliminate dirt and germs with its powerful technology.

This 120,000 RPM (revolutions per minute) vacuum cleaner and is able to utilize different types of cleansers, such as 75% isopropyl alcohol and other surface disinfectants. This lets you have peace of mind that while you are cleaning because your home is actually being sterilized against germs. The hands-free dust cup helps with this because you do not have to empty a dirty vacuum bag and get dusty, you can just press a button to expel the dirt into the trash, no hands involved!

Unlike a traditional robotic vacuum cleaner, the ROIDMI X30 Pro is simple in design and utilizes a universal NEX-V roller brush, which means easy and effective cleaning. This also means less storage room taken up by extensions. Though this mop vacuum combo has a lot of different functions, it avoids clutter and complications by being wireless. The ROIDMI X30 Pro plugs into a doc charger and only takes about 2.5 hours to charge to full battery, even while maintaining a low-level use of Bluetooth. You’ll know when the ROIDMI X30 Pro is ready to go because of the smart screen indicating when the charge is complete.


  • 120,000rpm Brushless Motor
  • 165AW Suction Power
  • Sanitizer Friendly
  • Pet Brush
  • Magnetic Charging
  • Vacuum Mop Combo

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Editor's QuoteThis is a cool multipurpose vacuum mop for you
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