Cybershoes – A step into Virtual Reality Games

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Are you a gamer? Ever wanted to play Virtual Reality Games? If yes, here is a product that immediately grabs your attention. Introducing Cybershoes, the shoes that allows you to move through VR games. One might have questions about having a small room? No problem, Cybershoes has answers for all your questions. Just wear the shoes, sit on any swivel chair and you are good to go. These are the first treadmill integrated shoes in SteamVR. So its time to update your gaming and this product is a perfect pick.

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You want to be in the game and become one with your game character but you are limited to the joystick and the couch. Our idea is simple: you need swivel chair, your Cybershoes and full immersion can start.

Do we share the same childhood dream to enter the television?
Now you actually can! With Cybershoes on your feet, it is not about a third or first-person game experience. It is about getting in the boots of your favorite game character.

VR Console
Cybershoes is high-end locomotion solution for a home that lets you feel like being in an arcade.

Fitness Through Gameplay

Low stress and impact experience allow you to exercise while you play.

Advanced Immersion Through Natural Movement

The Cybershoes are able to immerse players in the experience by letting them control their in-game movement by actually walking in place, the player actually feels as if they are their in-game character. So, as you play using the Cybershoes, your brain perceives that you’re standing and not sitting when you explore a different world.


Following the trend, this makes the Cybershoes comfortable and less expensive.

VR Gaming

Accurate Directional Tracking

The player’s vision is independent of the walking direction of the Cybershoes, meaning you can fully observe your surroundings while you walk, duck or bend to pick up objects thanks to highly accurate motion trackers in Cybershoes.

Z – Scaling

The seated position makes it impossible to pick up things from the ground. That’s why we came up with Z-scaling. Then you can actually reach the virtual ground and fully duck when needed. Plus: the eye-height can be calibrated on the fly.


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