eufy RoboVac G10 Hybrid – Self Charging Robotic Vaccum

If you are looking for a convenient and easy to control iRobot vacuum cleaner, then I would recommend you to get the Eufy robotic G10 hybrid vacuum. This robot vacuum cleaner fits all people especially those who are always on the move since you can still keep your home clean while away! First off, you don’t need to monitor the power utilization on this gadget because it is a self-charging robotic vacuum. Hence, it immediately recharges when the power runs out for continued cleaning of the floor. Thanks to the equipped 2-1 hybrid vacuum and mop, it provides both deep and light cleaning.

self charging Robotic Vaccum

The special features of the Eufy Robot G10

Smart floor dynamic navigation

This g10 hybrid robot vacuum has an advanced cleaning technology that empowers it to clean 2 times faster and better than other iRobot vacuums.

2-1 mop and vacuum hybrid design

One of the features that make this is a perfect robot vacuum cleaner for a person away from home is the efficient cleaning services it provides. The robot vacuum features the combination of mop and vacuum essential for cleaning your floor thoroughly.

Hands-free vacuum

This G10 robot is equipped with Amazon Alexa or Google assistance which allows you to connect it to your phone for easy control. All you need doing is set the command of the time, day and the type of cleaning the robot vacuum should do in the house.

Slim design

The slim design of this G10 hybrid robot vacuum allows it to maneuver around the house and even under the furniture for efficient cleaning.

eufy G10 Review


  1. It provides fast and efficient cleaning
  2. Controlling its functioning is easy
  3. It is compatible with smartphones for easy use
  4. The vacuum operates in a quiet mode


  1. Only recommended for hard floors

eufy by Anker RoboVac G10 Hybrid Robot Vacuum Cleaner is an iRobot suitable for cleaning hard floors. It is made in a slim design for comfortable maneuvering around the house without easily getting stuck. With the available Google assistance and Amazon Alexa, you can connect the device to your phone for easy control when you are away. The other feature that makes it stand out from other standard iRobot vacuum cleaners is the fast and efficient cleaning power.


  • Smart Floor Navigation
  • 2-1 Sweep and Mop
  • Hands-Free
  • Self Charging
  • Auto Continue

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