LUCI immers – Please your Eyes

Luci Immers is a wearable device that lets you watch visual content in a never before view. The gadget fits straight to your eye to project the visual content making it one of the more immersive environment for you. If you had tried the Virtual Reality headsets, Luci immers should impress you. The small and portable design makes it easy to carry but I wish it was wireless because I would not want to carry around a piece of wire attached to my body. Here are few features of the product,
  1. Stunning Visual Experience
  2. 1023” Giant Virtual Screen
  3. 3840*1080 Resolution with 3147 PPI
  4. 100K: 1 Contrast Ratio
  5. Connect to Your Smartphone. Laptop. Game Console

4.2 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteThis wearable gadget definitely pleases your eyes!
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