Evo Smartphone Connected Coding Robot Toy

21st generation kids are so lucky to have these kinds of futuristic gadgets but the back old days were different. I couldn’t even get a motorized toy when I was a kid, leave apart a coding toy  😂. Evo is a cool smartphone-connected toy that enables your kids to play in many ways but at the same time, the gadget tries to instill coding habits and interests in the kids. If your kid is towards STEM, this gadget could pump up the interest for sure. A bunch of things including line following robot can be coded using Evo. Their user-friendly mobile app interface allows you to drag and drop the code snippets. Costing under $100, the gadget could be a good gifting idea for a kid.


  • App-connected
  • Upgradable
  • Inbuilt Sensors
  • Portable

4.1 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteCoding is Fun with this Toy; One of the Coolest Gifts for Kids


Evo App-Connected Coding Robot

Award-winning Evo is your creative companion with a heart of {code}. Level up as you play games and discover two ways to code your pocket-sized bot. Track your STEAM skills, connect with friends, and find infinite creative ideas in Evo’s app. Regular Evo updates unlock upgrades and new ways to play!

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