Muse – Brain Sensing Headband

Muse is a cool product that senses your brain and helps to keep it calm. This product makes meditating very easy. This makes building a consistent practice of focused attention meditation faster, easier, and more enjoyable. Muse comes with an app where you can track your sessions and obtain feedback.

Muse gives you accurate, real-time EEG feedback making meditation easy to learn, trackable, and fun. Most people struggle with starting a meditation practice, they worry if they are doing it right and what they should be doing next. As your personal meditation assistant, Muse helps you track your progress, keep consistent, and stay engaged.

Muse - Brain Sensing Headband

While you meditate, you’ll hear gentle ocean waves or rainforest rainfall get progressively louder as your mind drifts, signaling you to bring your attention back to your breath.

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Editor's QuoteI would rather spend my money on this than a meditation class
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