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Muse is a cool product that senses your brain and helps to keep it calm. This product makes meditating very easy. This makes building a consistent practice of focused attention meditation faster, easier, and more enjoyable. Muse comes with an app where you can track your sessions and obtain feedback. This product looks too cool!!

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Muse is the first product that gives you accurate, real-time EEG feedback making meditation easy to learn, trackable, and fun.

Most people struggle with starting a meditation practice, they worry: Am I doing this right? What should I do next? Why is this so hard? As your personal meditation assistant, Muse helps you track your progress, keep consistent, and stay engaged.

Muse is unique in its ability to provide feedback on a user’s meditation, both prompting the user to focus, while rewarding moments of calm. While you meditate, you’ll hear gentle ocean waves or rainforest rainfall get progressively louder as your mind drifts, signalling you to bring your attention back to your breath.

Meditation to Improve Sleep

Studies, including one by Harvard Medical School, show that meditation, including focused attention meditation, can help with insomnia and other sleep disorders.

Meditation to Soothe Anxious Feelings

Studies have shown that mindfulness meditation can aid in a person’s ability to regulate emotions.

Meditation to Help Mood

Scientific evidence has shown that a few minutes spent to focus the mind each day can reduce stress, pain, depression, and more.

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Why Choose Muse?

Muse is very easy to use, makes meditation more enjoyable and takes the guesswork out of a focused attention practice. Simply start the app, put on the headband, close your eyes and focus on your breath. Muse will measure your focus and will adjust subtle guiding sounds based on your brain state.

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