Midland MXT400 GMRS MicroMobile Radio Walkie Talkie

Summer is here! Maybe you’re planning to spend your weekend in the upcountry, either camping, skiing, or hiking. You’ll still need to power up a way of communication with the outside world.

So, how will you stay in touch with the rest of your group? Worry now, we have a cool gadget today that lets you reach over 60 miles wirelessly without the need for mobile networks. Meet Midland Mxt400 GMRS Radio, the best walkie talkie radio for off-grid or outdoor communications. This best walkie talkie is a reliable and efficient even in remote locations.

While most walkie talkies models available have an extremely limited range, others are poorly engineered. Forests, topography, buildings, and other obstructions can wreak havoc on these weak designed units. But midland MXT400 provides strong long-range capabilities to rely on.

This GMRS radio is best suited for vehicles such as cars and RVs

Apart from communication, this two-way GRMS radio comes with advanced features like SOS signals and weather alerts. Thanks to its improved frequency options that make it receive and transmit content at ease.

In terms of range capabilities, function, and performance, we’ve rounded up midland MXT400 reviews to help you understand why this walkie talkie is the best.

Main Features and Benefits

Two-way radios come with extra features. Midland produces reasonably priced and super quality radios for commercial and consumer applications. Let’s check out the features associated with the powerful midland mxt400 walkie talkie.

Full 40-Watt, 15 GRMS & 8 Repeater Channels

Midland has been producing high-end walkie-talkies for decades, however, it’s finding new approaches to improve and innovate. The Midland Mxt400 Walkie Talkie is truly a good example.

It’s a simple and small 2-way GRMS that functions excellently within its range coverage. For long distances, and use around campsites, this unit will suffice to satisfy your needs in the wilderness.

Powered by 40W, this radio is the most powerful MicroMobile GMRS radio in the lineup. The unit features 15 low/high power GRMS channels, which increases the communication range.

This radio is cross compatible, i.e you can combine it with other midland walkie talkies

This is backed with 8 repeater channels for extended transmission. On top of this, the magnetic-mount antenna helps to reflect clean signals.

Long-Range Coverage

Most adventurers would want to stay in contact as they enjoy their outdoor activities. This 40-watt walkie talkie from Midland provides an impressive 66-mile range depending on the environment you’re in.

When there’s a full obstruction to the line of sight the range is 5 up to 10 miles, while the partial obstruction to the line of sight range is between 15 to 20 miles. When there’s no sight obstruction, the range hits 65 miles. It’s, therefore, the best long-range walkie talkie radio on the market.

long range walkie talkie

Notably, it will offer longer range communication when you’re in open areas with little to no obstructions. Though the range tends to reduce further in hilly areas, the difference may not be that big to worry about.

The radio will provide impressive range coverage in rough terrain and forest, with a dust and water-resistant feature; you won’t struggle in the middle of hurricane or snowstorm.

Furthermore, its low weight and small size make it simple to pack. You can pack even in your jacket pockets or in any pack. Unlike many others, this model has an outstanding battery life.

Note that when you use an entry level walkie talkie with this radio, you may not receive large coverage. This is because the power transmission of the walkie talkie will be much lower than that of this GMRS radio. The signals from the radio may reach the walkie talkie but not the other way round.

Simple and Compact

MXT400 MicroMobile Radio is small and lightweight. The compact design makes it suitable for any cars or RVs. Since it uses the car battery, there is no need to carry bulky batteries or anything.

In fact, you can hand off this radio to anyone because it’s easy to use. It’s equipped with a keypad lock that prevents accidental change of settings.

There are no external batteries needed. This radio setup uses the car battery for its operation. So you never have to worry about running out of juice unless your car is dead.

142 CTCSS Privacy Codes

One important feature is the 142 privacy codes that come with this MicroMobile. This gives you a variety of channel options and this makes it possible to block other unwanted conversations.

The unwanted transmissions won’t be heard. Eventually, you’ll appreciate healthier tones. On the other hand, the Backlit LCD display ensures good visibility for both night and day use.

Components Included

The MXT400 MicroMobile Radio is packed with 12V power cord, mounting hardware, flip-frame detachable mount, owner’s manual, and quick start guide. Most of these accessories will help you when it comes to installation.

The microphone being an important component provides easy channel controls and allows communication.

What’s Special about Micromobile GMRS Radios?

MicroMobiles GMRS Radios are well-known for versatile and reliable communication. That’s why they are perfect for off-roaders heading into the backcountry.

Of course, there are many reasons why mist people pick a MicroMobile Two-Way Radio. They include

  • Compact size
  • Strong power
  • GMRS and FRS compatible
  • Powered repeater channels
  • Superb sound quality
  • Easy to use

For Whom is this Walkie Talkie Radio Useful?

This walkie Talkie Radio is favorite among overlanders, ranchers, and hunters. It helps them to stay informed and connected to each other when they’re off-grid.

Call your peaching partner in the forest to help you spot your elk. Ideal for peoples who own big ranches as they sprawl properties such as farms. As a recreationalist, this radio is also useful.

You Need A Permission/ FCC License For GRMS Radio

Everyone loves to use the best long-range GMRS radio. Keep in mind that an FCC license is a must-have for you to operate powerful GRMS systems. This is because these high power walkie talkies will use frequency ranges that are not available for free public usage. You will be requiring a special license to operate your device in such a frequency spectrum.

The process can cost around $70. If you get a license, then your family members can operate the Radio regardless of age.


  • 40 Watts of Power
  • 8 GMRS Repeater Channels
  • Up to 65 Mile Range
  • 142 Privacy Codes
  • Cross Compatible with other Walkie Talkies
Editor's Rating
4.5 / 5 Ratings
Editor's QuoteIf you work in remote areas, this GMRS radio is a worthy gadget to spend your money on
Editor's Rating
4.5 / 5 Ratings
Editor's QuoteIf you work in remote areas, this GMRS radio is a worthy gadget to spend your money on
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