Furrion eRove – Off-Grid Electric Cooler

Furrion eRove is a battery-powered cooler that provides multiple functionalities for your outdoor uses. You get tons of features, and safety for your drinks and food wherever you are. So what makes it a good buy?

Single Charge Functionality

The Furrion eRove cooler only requires a single charge, and you get up to 5 days of usage. The ePod battery is swappable, and you also have the option of solar charging. You do not have to be next to a power outlet to get functionality out of it. Energy consumption is low, and you have control over how much power you use.


The cooler is compact and easy to move around. Although it weighs around 68 pounds, its two wheels eliminate the need to haul it physically from location to location. This is very helpful when you are camping at a location away from your car or RV.

No Ice Needed

You know how inconvenient and annoying it can be when the ice starts to melt, and it gets into your food. You could be thirsting for a cold, only to find a lukewarm one. Furrion eRove does not use ice, so you don’t have to worry about that. The cooler handles temperature with its battery itself. If you need to freeze your food, you can achieve temperatures as low as -8 degrees Fahrenheit.

Even when the battery is not running, you can store ice for up to 10 days. A combination of ice and battery gives you up to 2 weeks of usage without the need to recharge.

Smart Device Charging Features

Other than keeping your food or drinks cool, you don’t have to carry along an extra charger for your smart devices. The removable battery has a 412 Wh capacity which is pretty comparable to a portable power station. The battery-powered cooler has a USB fast-charge port and two 2.0 ports. The 10W wireless charging pad is also an excellent addition. These extra ports allow you to recharge your devices, power a light at night and even use it for CPAP and other medical emergencies.

Solar Support

Since the primary purpose of this cooler is to offer you a convenient cooling unit when you are off-grid, having solar support is vital. Furrion eRove supports up to 100W solar panel so you can recharge the battery wherever you are, provided sufficient sunlight. Getting a portable solar panel is recommended.

Plenty of Storage Space

This electric cooler features 50 quarts of total internal capacity which is enough to store almost any food item. The internal space is enough to hold up to 72 cans. Out of 50 quarts capacity, 6 Qt is dry storage space. This section is good for food items other than beverages.

Final Verdict

The Furrion eRove cooler is an excellent buy for anyone who enjoys the outdoors. Even if it only means having a cold drink, on a hot day on your front porch, you will enjoy your off-grid eRove electric cooler. I loved its futuristic look, cool features and mainly, the convenience it offers for road trips and outdoor adventures.


  • 50 Quarts Capacity
  • Keeps Cold for Up to 5 Days (without ice)
  • Removable Battery
  • Temperature Range -8° F to 50° F
  • Integrated USB Ports
  • Can Charge via Solar Panel
  • Weighs 62 lbs / 28 kgs

Editor's Rating
4.5 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteThis cooler is not just futuristic, it is also feature packed
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