LEOCH 2kW/2048Wh Portable Power Station

Power outages disrupting your life should be a thing of the past. That’s because battery stations are widely available today. They come in different capacities, sizes, and price ranges. In fact, I have covered at least 10 portable battery stations on our website, including Bluetti, Ecoflow among others. Today, we have a new product from LEOCH which is superior in its features, at least on paper. Let us have a look at its specifications.


The LEOCH power station is compact and portable using wheels. Its construction consists of durable aluminum alloy housing and reinforced ABS+PC making it durable and tough. The LED lights on the sides make it look cool. I have never seen a power station that is as fancy as this one. To be honest, this one looks like a gaming rig lol.


LEOCH features 13 ports in total that lets you charge up to 13 devices simultaneously. You get two USB ports, two fast-charging USB ports, 2 PD USB-C ports, 4 AC wall outlets and an outlet for car charging. The AV outlets come in US and International versions, depending on your preference.

Power & Surge Capacity

The compact LEOCH power station delivers an AC output of 2,000W. All the four AC ports support 2000 watts but keep in mind that it is a combined output. You cannot get 2000W output on more than one port simultaneously. The surge capacity is 4,000W which is amazing. If you don’t know, surge is used when your device, such as a drilling machine, takes more power when it starts and less power over time.

Battery Capacity

LEOCH has a battery capacity of 2,048Wh (LiFePO4 batteries). If you are wondering, 2kW is enough to run your TV for atleast a day or your laptop for several days. Heck, it can even power a washing machine.

The advanced battery system prevents overcharging, overcurrent, overheating and short-circuiting. These safety features are pretty common among all power stations.

Today’s power stations are able to pack so much juice in so little space. Just like Bluetti AC200, LEOCH lets you charge your electric car. You can get up to 10.5 miles on a single charge for your electric car using the LEOCH.

Modes of Charging

You can charge your LEOCH in different ways. It accepts AC input, solar input via an in-built MPPT solar charger and DC input. While AC and solar inputs support up to 300W, the DC input is only 150W.

Final Verdict

Although I talked about the main features, there are more subtle things that you can find on their product page. Overall, LEOCH has a nice and compact design, amazing battery and power capacities and lots of ports.


  • 2,048Wh Battery Capacity
  • 2000W Power Capacity
  • Surge 4000W
  • 13 Output Ports
  • 300W Solar Panel Support

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