xDrill – A Smart Cordless Drilling Machine

Drilling machines are one of the most important power tools every home owner needs to have. While the coded drills are powerful, cordless drills are becoming more popular for their convenience. Today, we have a cool drill that has a ton of features embedded in it. Meet xDrill, a cordless drill with a smart digital display. Unlike a traditional power drill, this has laser measuring, digital leveling and intelligent speed control.

Using a tape measure and marker pen is old-school, time-consuming, and messy. xDrill uses laser technology to measure the distance of your rooms and spaces accurately. You simply place the drill directly to the surface, and it gives you the measurement in either imperial or metric system.

Furthermore, it features a top and bottom laser to measure the distance between the floor and side for creating multiple drilling points. This Drill point that coordinates functionality saves you from the hustle of using measuring tape and pencil, which can be imprecise and time-wasting.

This digital smart drill removes chances out of the drilling process. With the accurate depth control, you can set exactly how many inches or centimeters you want to drill into the wall. The drill will automatically stop when it reaches the set length. How cool is that?

xDrill has a 21V battery which is not easy to find a replacement

xDrill allows you to have full control of leveling for accurate drills. You only need to keep your eyes on the smart screen to ensure your drilling is leveled. You will love the custom angle leveling capability, which allows you to drill all the holes with the same angle. To achieve this, you only need to double-tap and save the angle you’re using to use it in other holes.

This smart cordless drill has a touch display for seamless control of the device. At a touch of the sensitive screen, you can measure distance, set torque, and save settings. Unlike other traditional drills, XDrill cordless drill gives you unprecedented control over speed and torque. This drill features smart speed control, which automatically sets the speed for you once you have selected the material you are working on.

The features are quite impressive but I am unsure of the build quality and durability

We like this drill because you can control the speed and torque digitally or manually (using the physical level located at the top of the drill). You can set high speed – low torque that gives you 2000 rpm or low speed -high torque, which gives you 600 rpm.


  • 21V Battery
  • Digital Display
  • Depth Control
  • Distance Measurement
  • Laser Drill Point Coordinates
  • Up to 2000 RPM Motor Speed

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Editor's QuoteThis drilling machine has everything you need but is it durable?
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