ANCHEER 26″ Mountain Electric Bike

Today, electric bicycles range from budget-friendly to high-end ebikes. But where does this leave those budget-minded consumers who still want a cheaper but quality electric bike? Ancheer, a reputable brand in eBike industry has been producing some of the most affordable electric bikes ever. In this review, we are going to have a deeper look at their power plus version.

The Ancheer 26″ electric bike is a great deal. It’s super-efficient and affordable. It’s one of the cheap and best electric mountain bikes under $1000. With 21 different gears, this bike is ideal for mountain biking.

Not only is Ancheer mountain bike affordable, but it also performs sensationally across all the rating metrics. From a respectable range to pretty good handling to solid output power using any of its 3 working models, the bike is an absolute steal.

It’s a typical misconception that ebikes are exorbitantly expensive, so to erase this myth, we’ll get down to Ancheer bike review. In the end, you’ll understand why the bike is popular.

Specifications & Features

Compared to other cheaply priced models, Ancheer Power Plus bike comes with unique specs and add-on features. That’s the main reason for its serviceable performance. With many cities creating a safer and accessible biking environment for residents, the number of bike commuters has substantially increased.

Brake & Gear System

As innovation ramps up, more and more e-bikes are becoming available at under $750. Ancheer Power Plus features 21-different speeds. You can adjust to any speed that you desire effortlessly.

If you’re an adrenaline junkie who wants to try out new things and push your limits, this bike is the best option for you. And for commuters, this 21-speed Shimano transmission system allows you to get an amazing ego boost any time you swiftly ride past other regular cyclists.

This bike is well-equipped with front and rear disc brakes (dual-disc brakes). These mechanical brakes are perfect to wholly protect your safety as you meander around corners. In addition, it claims a bright LED headlamp for convenience and night riding.

For ultimate stopping power, brakes are almost guaranteed on any hybrid or electric mountain bike. No doubts – they are truly the golden ticket if you want to maneuver around trails.

Detachable (Removable) Lithium Battery & Motor

At under $700, this 26-Inch wheel ebike features a large capacity 35V, 8AH ion lithium battery. One benefit of this battery is that it’s incredibly removable. It’s neatly hidden and is shaped to sit where many ebikes place their large bottle cage (water-bottle style battery).

Another thing, the battery sits in a perfect place to maintain stability and keep the weight centered. More than that, it’s protected with a metal casing. Even better, the battery is further secured through lock and key plus the on/off switch.

Believe it or not, this battery is a catalyst. It powers up a 250-watt high-speed brushless motor. That way, the bike should get you up to 15mph with throttle only. When it comes to pedaling, you can achieve between 20 to 22mph. The bike has a mileage range of 25-50km.

Being a removable (detachable) battery means that you‘ll easily take it off with you; charge it anywhere hassle-free. It can also be replaced when it deteriorates. You don’t have to walk with your bicycle around.

How Many Hours Will The Battery Take To Charge?

The lithium-ion battery has a charging time of 4 to 6 hours. When fully charged, it can ride between 25 to 50 KM. A Charge Port System enhances the easy charging process.

3 Working Modes

Ancheer Power Plus ebike has three working modes. Simply, you can pick E-bike or normal bicycle or assisted bicycle. While you would want a long time trip, an E-bike is the best choice for you. However, combining two modes is the best way to go. The choice is yours, though!

However, the choice will depend on your needs with respect to electric-assist power. To suddenly accelerate, which is ideal for withdrawing from traffic lights, engage the throttle. At the same time, make use of Shimano gear shift system.

Frame, Handle Material

You’ll be inspired by the build quality and look of the bike. It’s made from top-notch quality material. Noticeably, the model is produced with a 100 percent durable aluminum frame. This material is well-known to be durable.

Plus, the front fork adopts high-rigid carbon steel. Not enough, it’s further packed with comfort shock absorption. Thanks to a 26-inch wheel diameter that employs a double layer aluminum alloy. This antique combination is suited to both trail and urban environments.

While the 26.7-inch handlebars are made of aluminum alloy, the handles are relatively and predictably comfortable. Riders will feel Ancheer bike is largely suited for cruising paths and roads with some dirt road riding mixed in.

Aluminum is light in weight. Be ready to travel further while you save energy.

Ergonomic Design

With an anti-slip lithium tire, adjustable RST, and seat and ergonomic handlebar, the bike excels on the road and on casual rides. Remember, comfort is your main priority especially on a long-distance journey.

Everything on Ancheer ebike is designed for comfort and efficiency. That said, riding it is pretty fun and easy. You can adjust the handlebar angle to enjoy an aggressive, aerodynamic, and racy position.

Put simply, a shorter stem length works great. It brings the handlebars closer to the saddle. That way, this puts your body in a better yet upright position for leisure riding. In fact, this places less strain and fatigue on your back.

Besides, the bike is a standout in that the elegant design gives the rider a feel of an exceptional product with sleek lines and glossy silver finish of the frame.

3-Meter Operations

Think about three smart meter operations it comes with – low, mid, and high for you to choose. It’s straightforward to change. You just need to press the M key. This saves time. You only need to follow meter operation instructions on the manual user.

Beginners will be pleasantly surprised that operating the ebike like this is very simple. Once you charge the battery, lock it into position, and switch on, you can get going.

Things We Like

First off, the mountain bike comes at an extremely low cost. With astounding features like 21-different gears, 3-working modes, front suspension among others that are hardly found in most cheap bikes, this model is exquisite.

Basically, you would expect some compromises, but Ancheer electric bike is a winner. Affordability is by far the greatest strength of this model. Coming to efficiency and performance, it impressively delivers.

Things We Don’t Like

The bike is great for basic trails and on the street, but it may offer minimal when it comes to technical and rough terrains. Probably, the electric power isn’t strong enough in such environments. It can drag you down. However, it’s a top recommendation for those with a tight budget.


  • Has 21-different speeds
  • Frame, pedal, and handle are made of sturdy aluminum alloy
  • The battery is removable
  • 330lbs load capacity
  • Features a LED headlamp
  • Ergonomic design


  • As a starter the first assembly is difficult, you may need a professional
  • Not so fast

Final Verdict

Now that you know something about this bike, it is time for me to give you my verdict. Ancheer power plus has the look, mileage, and build quality that suits almost any terrain. Most importantly, it is extremely affordable. But on the flip side, its speed and motor power are not as great as some of the other affordable bikes like Ecotric. So, if you are a beginner in eBike field or looking for an insanely cheap bike for your daily commute, go with this bike. If you are not a hobby biker, I would recommend getting a good bike at around $1200 because you will have more features and better performance.


  • Up to 30 Miles Range
  • 15 Miles/h Speed
  • 21 Speed Transmission System
  • 3 Working Model – E-bike/Assisted bicycle/Normal bicycle
  • Net weight: About 23kg/50lbs
  • Load capacity: 150kg/330lbs
  • Wheel Diameter: 26inches
  • Dual Disc Brakes

Editor's Review
4.5 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteCosting well under $600, this electric bike is perfect for beginners
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