GoFish Cam – A Wireless Underwater Fishing Camera

Fishing is an immensely entertaining and rewarding sport around the world. Whether you fish just as a pastime or frequently, having the best gadgets is paramount. In recent times, you must have heard about the underwater fishing camera, right? GoFish Cam is the name to beat.

GoFish Cam is a wireless underwater camera that makes fishing more enjoyable. From indications of behavior to species identification, this device will not only impress but also enhance your angling prowess.

It captures and records the spectacular underwater life with crisp details to add the fun of the act. Simply put, you can inspect the aquatic world and share that experience with your family and friends.

After all, it isn’t a crime to embrace technology to improve your success. With an underwater action camera, be assured that you’ll get a bite. Eventually, they will call you the best angler.

Without further ado, let’s get down to GoFish Cam review. Shall we?

Design & Camera Resolution

Featuring a hydrodynamic design, the wireless camera allows a stable and steady recording. The anglers who participate in bottom fishing activities, cast-and-retrieve and trolling, will undeniably appreciate this good investment.

Being a 1080p HD video camera means that you can capture action-packed footage superbly in HD. Along with that, anglers can gain insight into what is happening underwater, inspect the territory, edit and review stunning full HD video content, which you can share to most people on social media.

Most importantly, the device is fully waterproofed to withstand water tides up to 150 meters. While an image stabilizer is included, it’s easier to work with it in water. The tool attaches or sits on your fishing line and takes nearly neutral buoyancy design. As such, it won’t sink.

Probably, the 170° wide-angled lens is the greatest asset. Why? Because you’ll be able to capture quite a large area and cover a comprehensive view without having to re-position your camera.

Battery Life

Go Fish Camera is driven by a reliable Lithium-ion battery. The 4-hour tested battery life proves to be the lengthiest and powerful in its class when it comes to action cams. It’s able to run for more hours with calling for a recharge. For that reason, the model is perfect for aquaculture.

At the same time, if you need to recharge it, you simply use the mini USB included. Since it’s compatible and accepts MicroSD, you can save everything you like in your 32GB or 64GB storage. However, MicroSD isn’t included in the package. Together with an HDMI output, you’ve everything covered.

GoFish is a streamlined device in the water. The fact that it provides a magnificent insight into your catch helps you learn, make good decisions and grab more fish.

Night Vision

Unlike some old-school underwater fishing cameras, this Fishermen friend comes with green LEDs to boast night fishing. Worry no more about deep water; the camera offers enough brightness up to 500 feet (150 meters) of depth.

Needless to say, and under the darkest water, the advanced camera still displays a top-notch quality image. No matter what you term it, fish cam, tow cam, troll cam, this camera is a gift for those who are keen about fishing sports or similar.

Mobile App

Suitable for almost all fishing styles, Go Fish works well with a Mobile App. GoFish App is available for iOS and Android and is built-in Wi-Fi to ensure easier connection. The live streaming part of it makes it a winner for ice fishing.

Of course, the app allows you to share your footage with the community. Fisherman will increase their chances of catching fish and detect how your bait is fairing. The camera’s rear and front end attachments hook directly onto the casting line and leader line amazingly.

One useful thing is that GoFish’s has an ability to inspect your bait, how it’s working and how different species are attacking the lure. Also, the app guarantees you a top-down view as you capture memorable underwater action.

The fight, the strike, it’s all right there. If you’re an angler, will exceedingly love GoFish full-color and sharp resolution. You can automatically switch to sharp (sensitive) B/W imaging any time you need using the mobile app. That’s a great touch.

Additional Features

The GoFish fishing line camera supports 1000 lbs tension to allow the best underwater fishing experience. With its optimized size and weight of 11.5cm and 94g respectively, the camera is ideal for smallmouth pike, bass and larger saltwater fish, as well.

Thanks to the pre-set weight system, three stabilization fins and tension rating – this helps the angler to troll at fast and low speeds.

In terms of durability, the unit is equipped with a padded premium armor casing. With that protection, it’s easier to beat your way even in murky and ice conditions. With that, give the nod to this unit. It’s worth your money.

Also, you can use their floating accessory to use the device as a surface camera. In this mode, the camera will be at the surface while capturing the view downwards.

Floating accessory


  • Flashlights for night fishing
  • Tough and high-quality screen
  • Awesome live streaming
  • Excellent battery life
  • MicroSD card slot


  • Highly-priced than some models

Bottom Line

GoFish Cam is second to none, maybe the most unique product in its class. Basically, it’s a wireless camera that will enable anglers to capture underwater footage. Its compatibility with a mobile app is something very useful. If you are a fishing enthusiast, then you should definitely consider getting a camera like this. It makes your fishing experience so much fun and interesting. Also, if you have a friend who loves fishing, GoFish can be the perfect gifting option.

If you are planning to use this cam in a small pond or lake, only go with the camera. If you are planning to use it in a river, ocean or any unknown place, I highly recommend going with their camera loss plan so that you can fish worry-free.


  • Live Stream
  • Smartphone App
  • Night Vision
  • 1000 lbs tension
  • Up to 64GB microSD
  • Up to 150m Depth Safe
  • 90 Minutes Battery Life
  • 1080P Recording
  • Weighs ~100 grams

Editor's Rating
4.5 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteIf I ever buy a fishing rod, I will definitely get this gadget
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