Maonocaster – A Portable All-In-One Podcast Studio

Being a content creator isn’t an easy thing, at least in the audio and video space. Unlike writing blogs, those require a lot more physical effort. When you are a podcaster, you’ll have to make sure you have the right equipment for producing high-quality episodes when you are on the move. So today I am introducing a cool gadget called Monocaster.

Monocaster setup

Monocaster is a portable podcast studio is makes things easier when it comes to the podcast production procedure. It integrates a number of digital audio mixing tools in an all-inclusive resolution at a pocket-friendly price. This all-in-one podcast studio is easy to set up. In addition, it can be used in any room to broadcast or record live. Besides, its sound quality is outstanding and it suits the requirements of both seasoned broadcasters and beginners.

Monocaster Features

The multichannel mixer – The gadget supports four presenters at once through simple connections.
Built-in -Battery – Monocaster podcast studio has a 5000mah in build battery that can support eight hours of continuous podcasting.
Recording –¬† It can record and stream live.
Voice FX – The gadget comes with four sound FX (suspense, cheering, stinger, clapping), six vocal FX (music only, sidechain, pitch, robot, gender-bend), present pads and buttons, and three programmable pads.
Top-quality preamp – Has amplifiers with 48V phantom powers along with adjustable gain for mic line-ins, therefore, providing buzz-free and boosted sounds.
Programmable jingles – The three programmable pads allow you to upload jingles and sound FX by the use of Monocaster PC application.

Monocaster ports

If you want to obtain a portable podcast studio but are unsure of what gear to purchase, Monocaster is a good one to check out. The gadget is easy to set up, use, and you can stream and record live. Moreover, it is made with high-end materials that perfect its looks and increases its durability. It can save you big, yet, give you everything you require for a proficient sounding broadcast.

Monocaster gadget


  • Fully Integrated
  • Multiple Control Buttons
  • Built in Battery
  • Fits in a Backpack
  • Multi-Channel Mixing & Streaming
  • Voice FX & Noise Reduction

Editor's Ratings
4.7 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteThis is a must have gadget for podcasters
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