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Lapscreen is an innovative product that caught everyone’s eye at CES 2019. This USB C type monitor is as thin as paper and is ultra portable. The inventor refers it as “The 3rd evolution of mobile computing & the paper of the future“. Lapscreen slides into laptop case easily and can be carried. It features a full HD display and has an impressive viewing angle.

The only problem is, it doesn’t have a built in stand.

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This lightweight portable monitor, the LAPSCREEN, is the perfect solution fLapscreenor people that require an extra screen while doing their day-to-day activities. Whether you connect it to your mobile phone, tablet or laptop, it will be an easy and convenient way of extending (or duplicating) the screen of your smart device over USB Type-C or HDMI cable.

With a weight of only 350-400 gram and roughly similar measurements as an A4 paper/ US letter, would this monitor work perfect for people on-the-go. There is currently a 10-point multi-touch version available, as well as a non-touch version, your solution for your needs!

LapscreenWhether you are on a business trip, with the need to give presentations in different locations, a student constantly working on different projects or just a casual traveller that needs an extra screen, the LAPSCREEN is the solution for you.

The monitor has a full HD LCD Panel with a thickness of less than 4mm and no bezel on the sides and top, it is invented by Michél Haeseand exclusively produced by faytech. The

LAPSCREEN is also referred to as the 3rd evolution of mobile computing right after the

LAPTOP and SMARTPHONE, due to its innovative design and many application uses.

Key Features

  • Full HD (1920 x 1080) LCD PanelsLapscreen
  • Perfect touch monitor for people on-the-go
  • 10-Finger-Multi Touch Capacitive Touch Panel
  • Optically bonded Touch Panel to LCD Panel
  • Thickness of less than 4mm (screen) / 8mm (mainboard)
  • A4 Format in length and US letter format in width
  • Weight of around 400 grams
  • Supports a wide range of OS sytems
  • Plug and play ready
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