Duex Lite & Duex Plus Portable Dual-Screen Laptop Monitors

Laptops are great devices for multitasking, but there are lots of users who wish that it was more convenient to switch between programs. That’s why it is possible to use a second monitor with your laptop. A secondary display provides for easier and faster switching between multiple programs for better productivity.

But that is still not enough. Since laptops are devices that you can use while on the go, it would be impressive to have a portable monitor. That’s the inspiration behind the Duex Lite and Duex Plus portable laptop monitors from Mobile Pixels. If you aren’t aware, Mobile Pixels have been producing some of the best portable laptop screens. Read my coverage on Trio monitor here.

With breathtaking features and a sensational story behind them, these monitors are what every student, exercise enthusiast, gamer, and every other multitasker needs.

What are the main features of the Duex Lite?

The Duex Lite has the main features of the original Duex, but with some improvements especially for the display. If, you’re especially looking for a secondary lightweight and slim secondary monitor that you can use while on the go, this is the one you want to buy. Here is a closer look at what you get.


The Duex Lite portable laptop monitor features a 12.5” display with a 1080P resolution and a refresh rate of 60Hz. The display has an aspect ratio of 16:9, which is adequate enough for both on-the-go as well as home use. With the ability to adjust brightness depending on the user’s needs as well as the environment, the Duex Lite’s display offers better comfort for increased productivity.


You can use the monitor while it’s attached to the back of your laptop using adhesive magnets or on its own either using the kickstand or the monitor’s built-in portrait stand. The monitor uses a single USB-C port to connect to your laptop and can accept both DP Alt and USB signals. In addition, this monitor can connect to any laptop as long as it has the required connectivity features.


Since weight is a major concern when portability comes into consideration, the manufacturers of this portable laptop monitor made it light enough so that it’s easier to carry around. With a weight of only 1.3 pounds, this is a perfectly portable monitor.

Features of the Duex Plus

Just like the Duex Lite, the Duex Plus has an amazing range of features that make it worth the purchase. Here is a highlight of what the Duex Plus offers.


The Duex Plus boasts a bigger and better display which multitaskers will surely love. The 13.3” display features a 1080p resolution and a refresh rate of 60Hz, making it perfect for professional and casual tasks, as well as gaming. The aspect ratio is 16:9 which is perfect for displaying different program UIs.

dual screen laptop monitor

If required, you can adjust the brightness of this monitor, just like with the Duex Lite, for maximum comfort when working. As if that is not enough, the Duex Plus rotates automatically if you flip the display from right to left and vice versa.


Just like the Duex Lite, this monitor is also attached to the back of your laptop using magnets, but as a plus, you can slide the monitor to either side of your laptop screen for added convenience. It does not end there, the Duex Plus comes with two USB-C ports: one for connection, and the other to charge your laptop.

Like the Duex Lite, this monitor is also compatible with USB and DP Alt signals. On the upside, however, it can connect to your laptop, Nintendo Switch, and select Android smartphones.


It’s astonishing that the Duex Plus, despite being superior and slightly larger than the Duex Lite, also weighs 1.3 pounds. Coming in at such weight makes the monitor appreciably easy to carry around when need be.

Final thought,

Both the Duex Plus and Duex Lite are fantastic portable laptop monitors that offer great convenience if you want to multitask or just enjoy the elegance of having two monitors to work with. These portable screens are best for coding, stock trading, design work, etc. If you are someone who travels a lot while working, you should really think of getting a monitor like this. Unlike traditional portable monitors, Duex can be attached to the laptop which makes it super convenient.


  • Compatible with any Laptop
  • Type C Ports
  • Display Size Starts from 12.5"
  • Magnetic Sliding
  • Horizontal and Vertical Modes

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Editor's QuoteThis dual monitor setup will be a boon to coders, stock traders, or people who travel for work
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