Gravel Travel System – The Backpack of Backpacks

Traveling is an amazing thing to do. Without a good backpack, it can be so inconvenient. Since travel demands comfort and quick access, the gravel travel bag series is all you need to achieve this. This backpack consists of 3 travel bags that work as one; 42 Carry-On Backpack, Sling Belt, and 11L Day Bag.

42 Carry-On Backpack

The 42 L Carry-On Backpack packs everything into a plethora of ideal pockets which allows you to stay comfy, and access it fast with straps and structures that are adjustable.

To allow modular storage, its interior panels and dividers are soft fleece lined. Also, it has adjustable cinch straps that let you compress and secure down stuff. With its 14 diverse loops lining the inside, you can cinch your items as you want.

On the inside panel that unzips fully for ease of access and visibility, you can store items such as charger, keyboard, and USB sticks. Besides, safely keep your laptop in the bag’s very convenient laptop pocket.  Your 40 Ounce Hydro Flask will fit in the water bottle pocket that unzips fully or partially and stays flat when you zip it. To ensure you get quick access to your stuff such as snacks, rain jacket, or water, the bag comes with pockets on all its outside panels.

The bag has vertically adjustable shoulder straps which allow it to properly fit you and as well distribute weight. On top of this, it has suspension traps that help reduce back strain by bringing the load forward, not forgetting a hovering mesh that reduces back sweat and also acts as a roller bag pass-through.

Sling Belt (Sling Bag/ Waist Belt)

The hip belt has a ton and adapts to a cross-body sling bag too, consisting of 2l of space with four packets. While boarding the plane, you can quickly unclip the sling bag in the aisle and clip it to your body. On your trips day to day excursions, you can rely on the hip belt to act as a standalone sling bag to carry your stuff in.

11 L Day Bag

During day trips that require you to carry a little more items, an 11-liter day bag is all but designed for you. With tons of space and plenty of pockets to accommodate stuff such as snacks, water, souvenirs, a laptop, and a camera, I would say this is ideal for remotely working in a café within one’s locality then engaging in daily excursions. It’s quite versatile as you can carry it on your back, tote, as a briefcase, or on the back or front of the 42 L backpack.

This modular backpack comes with a laundry bag for storing dirty laundry separately. Furthermore, this cool backpack is waterproof as well as super abrasion-resistant. Besides, it is quite light as it weighs approximately 3kgs.


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The manufacturers are so confident in this product to a point that they have added a lifetime warranty. Invest in this best backpack for trips and in case it holds not for what it was designed for, inform the seller so that they can make it right for you.


  • Modular Design
  • 42 Liter Carry-On Capacity
  • Lots of Pockets
  • Weight Support

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Editor's QuoteThis bag looks bulky but the features are irresistible
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