EyeRide HUD Makes Any Helmet Smart

EyeRide HUD is an innovative gadget that combines GPS, hands-free kit, heads-up display, and voice command to ensure you are safe on the road when riding a motorbike. The device can make a traditional $20 helmet a smart helmet. The fact that you are using HUD technology rather than a smartphone, you save a lot of time. It has passed Canada, Europe, and USA regulations to offer you the much-needed protection when riding a motorbike or a bicycle.

smart HUD helmet

Zoom In Optics

With this device, you can stay focused as it displays plans and Google Maps for you in the line of sight. It is transparent and bright, so you can be sure of riding curves. The flat speakers and directional microphone ensure you enjoy powerful sound connectivity and experience. Also, YouTube and Spotify are available to keep the best vibes.

OLED Technology

This is probably the smallest OLED gadget. In fact, the unit features Nano HD OLED technology. This means you will get 100% crisp colors and image transparency. It offers 3000 nits brightness, which is three times more than your iPhone.

Easy to Mount

It does not matter the helmet style you have; you can easily mount it. That is because the size of the device has been dramatically reduced, so it fits perfectly in any given helmet and is quite easy to set-up. In fact, in about two minutes, you will be done setting it up on your helmet. You can install it on the jet helmet, full-face helmet, convertible helmet, sun visor, and glasses. With Bluetooth connectivity, you can enjoy your favorite music while on the move.


  • HUD Display
  • Embedded Speaker and Mic
  • Compatible with any Helmet
  • Google Maps Navigation

Editor's Review
4.4 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteThis gadget is like a smart add-on to your traditional helmet
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