Anti Barking / Dog Repelling Gadget

This is a crazy gadget that can help you do two things, train your dog and shoo off any attacking dog. This device is also called as anti-barking training gadget but it is more or less used to repel the stray dogs than training your dog. This tool is powered by a battery that is not rechargeable. The barking tool is used to prevent any attacks from dogs or even wolves. Using ultrasonic waves, the tool generates a frequency that the dogs feel irritating, and hence they retreat. The anti-barking gadget can also be used as a normal flashlight which is an added benefit.

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Most Helpful Positive Review
I was a little hesitant to buy this but needed something to help my puppy understand attacking the cat for piggyback rides wasn’t ok! After just a few clicks of what I call “ The Trainer” My puppy no longer has those attacks of insanity anymore and now if she has a relapse I just show it to her without clicking it and she stops! Yay Win!!

Most Helpful Negative Review
The neighbors dog looked at me like I was stupid which is apparently correct because I spent good money on this piece of plastic. If you are counting on stopping a mean dog with this product you will end up in the hospital. Steer Clear.



  • Trains your Dog
  • Shoo Off Dogs
  • 30ft Ultra Sound Range

4.2 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteLooks helpful but the quality remains in question
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