SliQ – Wireless Airpods Charger


SliQ is a wireless Airpod Qi charging case that is a beautifully designed, easy to use protective case for your precious pods. Made of high-quality silicon, SliQ has a removable cap cover and convenient indicator light to see the electric charge in action. Shock and dust proof, SliQ protect your airpods even as it recharges their power. The slimmest Airpod silicon wireless charger on the market, SliQ is easy to carry around and conveniently stored. No need to take your Airpods out of their case. Simply place your Airpod case in the SliQ wireless charger and, viola!


East Brooklyn Labs, a startup venture in the audio and technology space, today announced the launch of SliQ, a premium silicone protective case for AirPods with built-in wireless charging. While AirPods users continue to await Apple’s official charging case, SliQ provides users with a premium wireless charging case.

SliQ is not just designed to add Qi charging to your AirPods, it’s also made to double as a protective case for dust, scratches and water resistance. At just above 2mm thin, it is the slimmest wireless charging case to exist providing durability without inconvenience.

“Like all East Brooklyn Labs products, SliQ was born from our passion for helping consumers enhance their everyday experience with tech products,” said Dovid Sufrin, head of research and development at East Brooklyn Labs.

“We remain constantly plugged into the conversation in the tech marketplace to find areas where we can simplify and enhance the consumer experience.”

East Brooklyn Labs brings four color options for the AirPlus: white, black, pink, and baby blue.

The case itself takes users just a couple of seconds to remove from an existing AirPods case and includes a reset button. Additionally, SliQ features a LED indicator so users can check the charge status even when the cap is closed. This is unique from the original AirPods protective case where you have to open the lid to see charging indicator.

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