MONSTER X – 2000W Portable Power Station with Fast Charging

I am not new to power stations and in fact, I own a few for myself including Bluetti and Ecoflow River. But when I came across this new power station called Monster X from ALLPOWERS, I was amazed to see such a great feature at such a low price point. I wanted to know more about it and it turns out, Monster X is impressive. Let us see some of the important features, specifications and a list of devices it can power.

Monster X is a portable battery bank that you can take in your car, RV or even carry by hand. A typical 1200Wh power station would weigh anywhere around 25kg. Like many other power stations, Monster X features multiple ports. It has 4 AC power output that can drive 2000W (with surge support of 3300W) which is crazy because most of the power stations that I have seen can’t go beyond 1500W. You also have fast-charging USB ports with 2 PD charging ports. I am surprised to see there’s no DC output, strange!

monster x portable power station review

One of the most unique features of Monster X is its recharging time. It can fill up from 0 to 80% in 3 hours which is unbelievable. My EB150 takes much more than that to get recharged, I would say double. Monster X has a 1278Wh capacity. That means you can continuously run your 120W TV continuously for 10 hours which is kinda cool. The manufacturer claims that the battery bank can even charge an electric car like Tesla but the car may not go beyond 7-8 miles on this battery.

Monster X 2000W power station

Another important aspect when it comes to a portable power station is solar panel support. It is very useful to have a solar panel when you go on outdoor adventures, especially to remote areas. Monster X supports a 200W solar input and if you want to grab a panel, you can’t go wrong with these 110W SunPower panels that are flexible!

Monster X uses a tesla’s lithium battery and they are offering a lifetime warranty for Indiegogo users. The battery station also consists of a digital display that can indicate the battery level, input/output wattage, and a dozen other stuff.

monster X performance

The above table gives you an idea of some of the equipment that can run on this power station. Since it is a 2000W station, you can easily power a high-power device such as an electric heater, saw and drilling machine. I can write pages about this product if I wanted to. But I would limit it here and let you explore more information on their product page which has a lot of infographics and use cases.


  • 2000W AC Output
  • 1287Wh Capacity
  • 3300 Surge
  • 200W Solar Panel Support
  • Smartphone Controlled
  • Lifetime Warranty for Battery

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4.8 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteThis 2000W power station is just amazing, at this price point, I bet you can't get a better one
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