Ecotric 20″ Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike Overview


  • 500W Brushless Motor
  • 20mph Max Speed
  • 23miles Max Range
  • 48V 13AH Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Weighs 52 lbs
  • 6-8 Hours Charging Time

Bored of commuting with your last-mile car? In the last few years, e-bikes have picked up steam as the best alternative for people with short-medium distance commutes. Surprisingly, everybody is yearning to grab the newest models in the market.

Folding electric bikes are a lot more convenient than traditional one for many people. In essence, folding bikes are pretty portable that don’t take up much space, yet superior.

The highly-rated mini-scooter is ready to take you on road trips, off-road, city rides, and other kinds of terrain. Most people use them to get around their neighborhood. While adventurers use it to motor around the campgrounds, hunters use it to stealthily set foot on their hunting spots.

Ecotric folding bike comes in different colors including white

With so many models dominating the competition, you want to purchase a product that offers value for every penny. To best honest, folding electric bikes aren’t the same. So, before shopping for one consider quality features and with that, you won’t be a victim.

In an effort to help you out, check out the Ecotric 20-inch Fat Tire Folding eBike. This outstanding bike is a nice combination of style and quality at the best price. Also, if you are looking for affordable ebikes, check our ebikes under $1000 post.

Main Features of Ecotric 20″ electric bike

In this section, let us see some of the important features of this folding bike. Please note that there are a ton of other features that I didn’t discuss in this section. To know them, please go here

The Motor/ Engine

The ecotric fat tire folding e-bike features a powerful 500W brushless motor that’s normally found in other reputable and expensive e-bikes. This motor is powered by a 36V/12Ah lithium battery to achieve 18 up to 23 miles of distance on a single charge.

On the same, it offers a maximum speed of 20mph (32km/h) to take you everywhere you need. This also adds efficiency. Whether you’re seeking to be the fastest rider in your area, this will offer an extra push.

Additionally, the motor is quiet. If you want to get to your desired spots or work faster without polluting the environment, Ecotric 20″ electric bike is a model to beat.

Both throttle mode and pedal assist are other bonus features to fancy. They help you cancel out any fatigue of regular bike riding, without breaking a sweat. No more struggling with spine and back issues as you enjoy a cruise down the hills.


You may not be mechanically talented and a bike expert either, so you can be a little anxious about buying a bike without seeing it in person. However, things will go smoothly with this best fat tire folding ebike.

No annoyance in assembly. The front wheel, front fender, pedals, handlebar control module, tires, and saddle will not trouble when attaching to the e-bike. Probably, you could finish putting these parts together within 40 minutes, more or less.


The 36V/12Ah lithium battery is truly powerful. That’s the reason why you can trail and manage to get more than 18 miles on a single charge. In fact, you can only use a throttle without a pedal assist and still enjoy an extremely crazy ride.

Ecotric Folding eBike Battery
Ecotric bike’s battery

Besides, the battery charges quickly. If it’s completely drained, the charging time is between 6 to 8 hours only. In some instances, 2 to 3 hours are enough if it displayed two bars.

Some people love to ride almost daily. Therefore, you need to power it up frequently without forgetting that it still has 50% battery life. Just like other top brands, Ecotric employs equilibrium function, overcharge protection, charge control, short-circuit protection, temp protection, and over-voltage protection among others.


This ecotric folding bike is designed with Sinamo 7-speed external gears that help you coast freely. With that, it’s comparatively easier to tackle moderately and flat inclined terrains with style and efficiency.

Ecotric folding electric bike gear

You only need to change between these gears to ensure no sloping surface is left unconquered. However, it has only a front uncrown fork and no suspension forks. Hence, expect to feel cracks and bumps in the road.


The ecotric fat tire electric bike frame is made out of sturdy aluminum alloy. It’s therefore durable and looks sharp. In other words, you’ll use it for more years to come with no worry about running out of juice.

The solid step frame guarantees you a painless time when either mounting or dismounting.

One of the most appealing features is the space-saving folding design of this frame. When storing it, just pop out the screws and bolts to fold and eventually fold down the handlebar.

Given its rigid built, the Ecotric 20 E-bike weighs around 50 -55 pounds. It can comfortably carry up to 250 pounds of both luggage weight and rider.


The fat tires are equipped with mechanical disc brake rotors, which are suitable for urban cycling. Still, it’s engineered with an outage braking system that provides security. The brakes work well to enhance an abrupt stop when necessary.

Ecotric disk brake

Along with that, you can easily select the speed you prefer to take full control of your bike. Whether you’re comfortable with minimum or maximum speed, it’s you to decide.

What We Love

Through the eyes of many, this e-bike impresses when it comes to speed and flexibility. With plenty of smart features that make it a wave of the future. The battery life is perfect for cruising around quite leisurely.

The two modes of bike assistance are something to appreciate. You can switch from throttle mode to pedal-assist mode, or vice versa, undoubtedly depending on your desires. Thumb up to no-sweat assembly that ensures you install the bike within 40 minutes.

Above all, the sturdy folding frame together with space-saving linearness makes it portable. This eases not only storage but also sets the seal on comfortable riding. Not to mention, mounting and dismounting is a breeze.

Even better, you’ll be super happy with the fast-charging and powerful battery. You can still ride for more miles without stress. The Ecotric bike is worth considering. It may cost a bit more than the affordable folding electric bike you know, but t provides fun.

What We Don’t Love

One problem comes in when you let the battery die. Normally, you can ride even if the battery dies. Nonetheless, your legs will find it heavy, tire easily and this makes the ride slower than normal.

Another flaw would be its LED controller. It doesn’t give riders an opportunity to turn off the throttle or the pedal assist. Once turned on, these two modes become available.

Features We Liked

  • Effortless and fast rides
  • Powerful 500W motor
  • On/off lock
  • Push button to control and maintain the speed
  • Easy to assemble (foldable)
  • 7 different speeds

Features We Didn’t Like

  • No front forks are provided, you need to buy separately
  • Poor suspension

Who Is It Suitable For?

This bike is for both longtime bike commuters and newbies. People who are looking for an extra boost when rushing from one location to another need this gift. Also, if you like adventurous outings, this bike is suitable for you.

Wrap up

This e-bike is enjoyable to ride and is built well. Both in terms of style and quality, this model is an absolute steal. Own one and kick-off ride on flat roads, off-road, and campsites with this folding electric bike. For many different outdoor activities, this bike is a winner.

Currently, this ebike is available here. Also, check out the review video by Moving Forward Adventures below. He has explained every bit of this electric bike.


  • 500W Brushless Motor
  • 20mph Max Speed
  • 23miles Max Range
  • 48V 13AH Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Weighs 52 lbs
  • 6-8 Hours Charging Time
Editor's Rating
4.6 / 5 Ratings
Editor's QuoteThis is one of the most affordable feature-packed eBikes you can get today
Editor's Rating
4.6 / 5 Ratings
Editor's QuoteThis is one of the most affordable feature-packed eBikes you can get today