PowerVision PowerRay Underwater 4K Drone Review

If you are new to underwater drones, you might not be familiar with PowerVision. It is a popular company that has some of the best underwater drones ever existed. They recently released their aerial drone called Poweregg X which is kinda cool as it is waterproof and transformable. In this post, I am writing about my hands-on review experience with Power Ray, one of their best selling drones. I got to test the product during CES2020 event at Vegas.

PowerRay is a 4K underwater drone that can be controlled via a remote controller. In essence, you can be standing on the banks of a river while your drone is searching for something in the river water. Not just limited to rivers, you can also use PowerRay in an open ocean, lake, or literally any water body without harsh waves.

PowerRay Wizard Review
Rear view of the drone

PowerRay comes in different variants, PowerRay wizard and PowerRay Explorer. Though the drone models are the same, the accessories that come with it are different. PowerRay Wizard is kinda advanced. The build quality of the drone is really good, the torpedo design is so aesthetic. Let us now look at some specifications of PowerRay drone.

  • 4K UHD Camera with 1080P real-time streaming
  • 12 Megapixels Photos
  • Burst Mode Photo at 5 frames per second
  • Expandable storage up to 64GB
  • Sailing speed of about 5.5 km/h or 3 Knots
  • Battery backup of around 4 hours (in still water with light use)
  • Depth Capacity is 30 meters or around 100 ft
Those LED’s on the sides are super bright

Now that we know the technical specifications of PowerRay, let’s see what it can do underwater. Ther are so many applications but my favorites are underwater videography, exploring corals, and underwater fishing (yes, you can use a fish bait accessory to catch fish). The following are some of the other applications,

  • Regular inspections of boats, underwater piers, rescue missions, scientific research, aquaculture
  • Check fish quantities, density, size of fish and observe their health
  • Monitor ocean depths and water temperatures
  • Explore the path and confirm the safety of the dive site
  • Check plastic and other pollutants/missing products on the water bed

Even though this underwater 4K drone is remote controlled, it does require a cable for added safety that ensures your drone isn’t lost in case of unfortunate conditions. Costing well under $1000, this underwater drone is definitely worth its features. Watch PowerRay review video by Jerry below to better understand the product.


  • 4K Video Recording
  • 1080P Live Streaming
  • 12MP Photos
  • 30M Max Depth
  • 4 Hours Max Battery Backup
  • 15.5 Km/h Cruise Speed

Editor's Review
4.6 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteMay be I can find a pearl with this underwater drone!
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